Google's next update to Chrome adds three new AI features

With the release of Chrome M121 today, Google announced that it will introduce new AI features that will make the browser easier to use. New additions will include a tab organizer, a writing assistant that helps craft text, and the option to customize artwork and themes across the browser. You must turn on the “Experimental AI” toggle on the Settings page – located in the three-dot drop-down menu – to enable these new features.

The Tab Organizer will pretty much do what it says: the built-in AI will automatically suggest ways to categorize any tabs open in Chrome windows and suggest the option to create groups. This can be useful if you have a lot of frequent tabs open. When you click “Organize similar tabs,” the AI ​​will group your open pages together based on topics. For example, shopping-related tabs might be clustered together and the AI ​​could suggest a name like “shopping gear for ski trips.”

Chrome's new text help may also have some practical applications. It will be launched as a beta tool that will help users draft text, including Google reviews or social media posts. To enable this when you turn it on, you need to select “Help me type” to allow the tool to finish your sentences or suggest options to continue the text.

Chrome Gen AI Text Helper


Personalization isn't new to most Google tools like Mail or Docs, and now on Chrome web browsers, you can customize the browser's visual elements, something the company sees as an extension of the AI ​​wallpapers it designed for Pixel phones recently. To do this, you need to select the “Customize Chrome” button on the side panel and direct the AI ​​to create a theme for you. You can search for a description, like “small beach town” or “Blade Runner vibes,” and preview the AI-generated theme options before selecting.

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Offering these new tools will naturally compete with Microsoft's AI-powered Bing, which introduced AI-powered tab grouping and a text composition assistant back in 2018. September. However, Chrome still dominates the US browser market share by a wide margin, and Bing is usually categorized under the “others” category, much lower than competitors like Firefox and Opera.

Customize Google ChromeCustomize Google Chrome


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