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  • Google has confirmed that YouTube's recent slowdown has nothing to do with ad blockers.
  • The issue appears to stem from previous AdBlock and AdBlock Plus updates.
  • Both ad blockers have now received a new update to fix the issue.

Updated: January 17, 2024 (12:42 AM ET): It has informed Eyeo, the technology group that includes AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Robot body Ad blockers have been updated to fix the issue of YouTube and other platforms slowing down their users. The company shared the following statement with us.

AdBlock and Adblock Plus users have recently experienced performance slowdowns and higher CPU usage when browsing on YouTube and other websites. Our engineering team has fixed the issue and released ABP 3.22.1 and AB 5.17.1. The new releases are already available in the Opera and Edge extension stores. This means that the issue has been resolved, and AdBlock and AdBlock Plus users should no longer face issues related to the fixed bug, once they update their extension to the new version. Our team will be closely monitoring the situation and stands ready to make further adjustments if necessary.

As of writing this update, the latest versions of AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are also available on Chrome and Mozilla.

Original article: January 16, 2024 (12:07 a.m. ET): Google has confirmed that the latest slowdowns people are experiencing on YouTube are not related to its war against ad blockers, although it has previously admitted to throttling performance for those using ad blockers.

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A new wave of slowdowns hit users last week, with many taking to Reddit to complain about the issue. YouTube users have reported that they are experiencing significant lags on the platform with ad blockers enabled. Some people with a YouTube Premium subscription also experience slowdowns because they use ad blockers for other purposes. Strangely enough, Google confirmed that ad blockers have nothing to do with the ongoing problem.

“Recent reports of users experiencing upload delays on YouTube are unrelated to our ad blocker detection efforts,” the company said in a statement. Android Central. “our Help Center “It provides troubleshooting tips for users who are experiencing issues,” the company added.

It's definitely worth following the troubleshooting steps suggested by Google, but it's also important to note that YouTube performance will undoubtedly suffer if you use ad blockers. The issues also appear to be related to using the latest versions of AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

According to uBlock Origin developer Raymond Hill, regression is more difficult for those who have the idea of ​​using both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus simultaneously. He explains that the problem lies with ad blockers, not Google pushing new code to slow down YouTube.

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