Google Messages is rolling out a redesign of the text field with the shortcuts bar

As we enabled previously, Google Messages has begun rolling out a redesign of the text compose field that features a dedicated shortcuts bar.

Historically, the RCS/text message field takes up the right two-thirds of your screen and expands to hide the Plus, Gallery, and Magic Type buttons as you enter more text. On the other hand, you’ll get shortcuts to emojis and voice memos.

Google Messages now turns into a left-aligned text field with the emoji button at the top first. You will then get the Magic Compose, the Gallery (which has a new icon) and the plus sign that is now on the opposite end. The audio recorder, which has been completely revamped with Moods, now has its own separate button outside the tablet.

As some have pointed out, it’s a bit strange to have the text field aligned to the left when messages you send continue to appear on the right.

Meanwhile, when you start typing, there’s a new user interface divided into two lines. The text field is at the top, while the ribbon keeps all the shortcuts on the same ribbon. This creates a slightly more complex/heavy interface and may take some time to adapt to.

Some users in Google messages Beta We’re already seeing this text field redesigned with the custom ribbon, but it hasn’t been rolled out widely yet, which also applies to other functionality Google announced earlier this week.

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