Google Bard reveals paid 'advanced' features and other new features

Google Bard is preparing a huge range of new features through 2024, with custom bots, shared tasks and queries, “Power Ups” and a paid “Advanced” tier on the way.

In early December 2023, Google unveiled the new Gemini model that is used today to power Bard. Gemini comes in tiers, with “Nano” in the Pixel 8 Pro being used for on-device AI, “Pro” being used in Bard, and “Ultra” coming this year to power “Bard Advanced.” Now more details have emerged.

As spotted by Dylan Russell and Shared on Twitter/XThere are many changes to Google Bard hiding beneath the surface of the Bard website.

First, it implies that Google Bard “Advanced” will be a paid level. This doesn't come as a huge surprise, but access to advanced features will be bundled into Google One, and customers may get a three-month free trial – none of this is likely final, so details may change.

Google explains succinctly in a yet-to-be-published pop-up:

Try Bard Advanced for 3 months free

Get a more capable major language model with advanced math and thinking skills with Bard Advanced for 3 months free.

The link in that pop-up redirects to an unpublished page on the Google One website that specifically says “Bard Advanced.” This wouldn't be the first time Google One has been used to grant access to features in other products, such as the recent release of Magic Eraser for non-Pixel devices.

Moreover, there are many new features coming. One of these new features is support for custom bots, currently hidden under the codename “Motoko.” The code directly confirms that this refers to creating bots in Bard, but details are still unclear, such as whether or not this will require Bard Advanced, as well as what the bots can do.

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Beyond that, there are some additional tidbits.

“Gallery” appears to be a new section in Bard that will serve as an inspiration to show users what Bard can do. 'Tasks' have also been spotted during development, which from the code appears to be a place for persistent tasks that need extra time to process – and Dylan speculates this could be for tasks like creating images. There's also a new sharing option for what appears to be customizing shared Bard queries, with users being able to adjust the background and foreground. Another feature is called “Power Up”. The details again highlight this, but it's clear that the button will help users improve their claims in Bard.

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