Google admits that a demo video of Gemini AI has been prepared

Google relies on its GPT-4 competitor, Gemini, so much so that it showed parts of a recent demo video. In an opinion article, Bloomberg Google says it acknowledges this because of the titled video “Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with Multimedia AI” Not only was it edited to speed up the output (which was advertised in the video description), but the implied voice interaction between the human user and the AI ​​was virtually non-existent.

Instead, the actual demo was created through “the use of still image frames from shots, and prompting via text,” rather than having Gemini respond to—or even anticipate—a drawing or changing of objects on the table in real time. This is much less impressive than the video wants us to think, and worse, the lack of disclaimer about the actual input method makes Gemini’s preparation somewhat questionable.

Not surprisingly, Google denies any wrongdoing here, she noted the edge To an Given the industry and authorities’ recent interest in artificial intelligence, perhaps the tech giant should be more sensitive about its presentations in this area.

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