Godzilla x Kong global box office opening

Saturday update: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire He continues to show his flair at the international box office, where he comes with a plus $31.2 million On Friday for three consecutive days $47.9 million In 62 markets. It is not included in this total China Saturday that added an estimated $18 million — that's a good sign in a tepid Hollywood market and portends a $40 million opening there. Domestic is also excited about the sequel, and if the numbers hold through Easter, GxK will surpass $175 million.

As we reported yesterday (see below), China opened Friday to a monster $13.4 million. They dominated the market with an 80% share on 35,698 screens. That puts opening day up there on par with Take control of Jurassic Worldahead by 51% Godzillaand more than doubled the opening days Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and its Warner Bros/Legendary franchise Sand Dunes: Part Two. This is a great start given the current climate in China and heralds a final $100 million USD finish – basically a bonus these days in China.

Elsewhere, through the real Friday play, United kingdom It opened with $2.4 million on 1,080 screens and ranked at number one ahead of its fellow opener Kung Fu Panda 4. Premium formats are performing very strongly, with IMAX taking in 11% of the total box office, 3D and 4DX at 5% each, and Screen X at 2%. These results are the biggest opening day for a Monsterverse film and higher than many films.

India Friday had a notable opening with $1.9 million on 2,882 screens and ranked first ahead of three domestic titles. This marked the biggest opening day for a WB film, the best day of 2024 for a US title and the highest tier in the Monsterverse. IMAX represents 9% of the total box office from 29 screens.

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The most important markets until Friday outside China are: Mexico ($7.2 million), United kingdom ($2.4 million), Spain ($2.2 million), Australia ($1.9 million) and India ($1.9 million)

Updates are coming…

Previous, Friday: Warner Bros/Legendary Entertainment Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire It's out and roaring at the international box office, and it's born $15.9 million From 49 markets during its first two days abroad (Wed/Thurs). He is not included in that total China Opening day today which reached an estimated 96.9 million yuan ($13.4 million).

Among the highlights through Thursday, Latin America gave Monsters the biggest opening day of the year and the best ever for the Monsterverse. In Cambodia, the Adam Wingard-directed pic posted the best opening day ever for a Warner Bros. film.

The highest level for the overall market on Thursday was Mexico With $4.1 million including previews and a 69% share of the top 5 films. This is the best start of the year and above all else.

Australia It debuted with $782,000 on Thursday, ranking first with a 50% share of the top 10 titles. The result is above Godzilla vs. Kong (+11%), Mission: Impossible 7 (+45%), Transformers: Rise of the Monsters (+115%), Godzilla: King of the Monsters (+170%), Mig 2 (+188%) and Kong: Skull Island (+523%).

Spainwhich bowed on Wednesday, has landed No. 1, now with $1.4 million in two days.

Overall, the top 5 markets so far (excluding China on Friday as mentioned above) are Mexico ($4.1 million), Spain ($1.4 million), Indonesia ($881 thousand), Taiwan ($819 thousand) and Malaysia ($797 thousand).

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As a greeting China (With Legendary East distributing the Modern Monsters series), the film received a 9.4 audience rating on Maoyan which is currently expected to gross CNY781.3 million ($108.2 million). It's early days and these forecasts tend to fluctuate, but the start of Friday bodes well given that Hollywood films have been doing much less well in the market lately, which means… GXK It could reach a very strong opening frame of $40 million.

We will have more updates over the weekend.

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