Gigabyte will launch three GeForce RTX 4090D cards with the same design, but without the factory OC

Gigabyte is preparing three RTX 4090D cards

The company did not officially reveal new graphics cards for China; However, we have the raw images.

Gigabyte's GeForce RTX 4090D series graphics cards. Some board partners have already announced their cards based on the new NVIDIA SKU, others have not. This list includes ASUS and Gigabyte, one of the largest graphics card manufacturers in the world. While ASUS renders have yet to be released, it has now been confirmed that Gigabyte will be launching three new models.

These new cards share many similarities with existing RTX 4090 cards, but there is one notable change that potential customers may view negatively, and it's not even a specs drop. The new cards, called the RTX 4090D AERO 24, RTX4090 WINDFORCE 24GB, and RTX4090D GAMING 24GB, lack any form of factory overclocking.

RTX 4090D models, Source: Gigabyte China

NVIDIA supposedly has the RTX 4090D specs locked hard to a 425W TDP, which means board partners can only boost the clocks a bit (the highest we've seen is +15MHz, which is just software settings). All known RTX 4090D cards offer no overclocking from the factory.

The RTX 4090D comes with a reduced base CUDA spec, for a total of 14,592 CUDA. This indicates an 11% drop in core count along with a 6% drop in TDP, which undoubtedly impacts gaming performance. Despite these limitations, NVIDIA has chosen not to adjust the pricing for this card.

The Gigabyte RTX 4090D series should be available by the end of January. It should be noted that the RTX 4090D is exclusively available in China and likely other countries where import of the original RTX 4090 is restricted due to restrictions.

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