France finds allies in the Baltic states in its dispute with Germany over the deployment of troops in Ukraine – Politico

Foreign Minister Radoslav said: “The presence of NATO forces in Ukraine is not excluded.” Sikorsky said Friday In Poland, he added that he appreciated Macron's initiative “because it is about… [Russian President Vladimir] “Putin is afraid, but we are not afraid of Putin.”

Sigourney raised concerns about Moscow setting its sights on the Baltic states, which were part of the Soviet empire but are now members of the European Union and NATO.

Lithuanian Landsbergis echoed Séjourné.

“There can be no ‘buts.’” He said: “We must draw red lines for Russia, not for ourselves. Any form of support for Ukraine cannot be ruled out. “We need to continue to support Ukraine where it is needed most.”

Although Germany is the largest donor of European military aid to Ukraine, it has come under intense pressure over its reluctance to send long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Kiev for fear of provoking Moscow. Kuliba made subtle criticism of this reservation on Friday.

“I personally am tired of… the fear of escalation,” he said. “Our problem is that we still have people who think about this war out of fear of escalation.”

Kuleba continued: “What kind of escalation are you afraid of? What must happen to Ukraine for it to understand that this fear is useless? What do you expect Putin to do? Well, I sent tanks but I did not send missiles.” Or troops, so maybe you'll be nicer to me than others? “This is not the way Putin thinks, and this is not the way he treats Europe.”

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