Forbidden Door Zero Hour begins with the surprise fifteenth match, the most drawn match in AEW history.

Tony Khan has made it clear that AEW is “for Sickos” recently, and Sunday’s Forbidden Door PPV was no different, as fans got more wrestling than they bargained for.

The AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event opened with an unannounced match that saw former ROH World Television Champion Kyle Fletcher defeat veteran Serpentico. As the 15th match between the main card and the Zero Hour pre-show, this match ties AEW All Out 2022 for the most matches in AEW PPV history. As of press time, there is still time to add more matches to the show.


Fletcher lost his TV title earlier this weekend to Atlantis Jr. during a guest appearance on CMLL Super Viernes. The show was also notable for featuring the CMLL return of Chris Jericho, who shocked CMLL fans by attacking Lucha Libre legend Místico. Fletcher has been the ROH World Television Champion since December 15, when he won the vacant title in a Survival of the Fittest match at ROH Final Battle 2023, after the title was vacated by former AEW World Champion Samoa Joe.

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