Fireworks display misses, firing fireworks into the crowd

In shocking footage from Saturday night, a minor baseball team fireworks They made a terrible mistake when they accidentally fired into the crowd, causing fans to flee in fear.

The Rocket City Trash Pandas – the Los Angeles Angels affiliate – finished a match against the Tennessee Smokies with great fanfare, when it was a pyrotechnic product. incorrectly lockedcausing them to launch straight into the crowd.

Videos posted on Twitter show the chaos from multiple angles. Screams of fans as they flee the scene can be heard in the videos.

Trash Pandas has released a file statement After the incident, fortunately no one was hurt:

On a Friday night during the Trash Pandas fireworks display after the fireworks, one of the fireworks unexpectedly erupted, causing it to veer off course. No fans were harmed, and the fireworks salesman strongly expressed that this had not happened before in their more than 40 years of experience. Every fireworks display at Toyota Square is always supervised by the Madison Fire and Rescue Departments. All parties are taking maximum precautions to ensure this does not happen again.

Additional team issued statement From Pyro shows in Alabama, explaining the specific fireworks malfunction:

After a major investigation into last night’s fireworks incident, we discovered that a certain product had been improperly inserted and secured in its holder. While we take a constant look at our procedures regarding the device, the supporting equipment and the technicians who use it, we are removing it from view so that this device and support procedures are fully updated to ensure safe bids for our customers.

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