Filmmaker Mandy Panos Cosmatos puts on sci-fi fantasy Nekrokosm (exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

Panos Cosmatos has kept a low profile since he made his last movie, mandythe hit surprise starring Nicolas Cage and released in 2018.

The director is now back with a new featured project, meeting producer XYZ Films and working for the first time with A 24the artist-led production and distribution company that pushes the envelopes.

titled necrocosmThe project is a science fiction project by Megan Hwang.peer) Writing the script of her story she and Cosmatos. Cosmatos will direct.

necrocosmThe logical discourse is kept secret, but is described as a “fantasy fantasy nightmare” set deep in an alien galaxy where two lovers are torn apart while trying to survive an insidious invasion.

The A24 will be produced alongside Nate Bolotin from XYZ Films. A24 will also fund and handle the global version.

Huang has some experience dealing with faraway people, being part of a writing team peerStarz, the parallel jump-off from espionage, starring J.K. Simmons. She has also acted on upcoming FX series, shogunand co-wrote an upcoming feature by Justin Chun Jamujaya.

XYZ, a producer, financier, and sales group in the genre space, has an action movie the damageDirected by Gareth Evans and starring Tom Hardy and Forest Whitaker, in the box for Netflix. The company has established a relationship with Cosmatos over the sale and distribution of his first film, the sci-fi horror movie Beyond the black rainbowin 2010

Cosmatos and XYZ meet again on production and sales mandy Follow-up, which took eight years. The movie, a revenge thriller horror movie, premiered at Sundance in 2018 and was released in cinemas in September of that year by RLJ Entertainment. The film proved to be a surprising success and was a professional revival of Cage, who at the time was working on a series of forgotten low-budget action films. Both Cage and Cosmatos have enjoyed near-universal acclaim.

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While he was considering his next movie, Banos took the time to lead an episode of Guillermo Del Toros’ Cabinet of curiosity for Netflix, and is in post-production.

The A24 currently contains the popular horror movie Ti West, X, in theatres. The company behind last year green knight And the The tragedy of Macbeth Next has multiple extended timeline Everything everywhere at once, Starring Michelle YeohIn theaters on Friday.

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