Fantasy Football Rankings – Week Three: Sleepers, Starters, Sits, Dameon Pierce, Darnell Mooney & More

We’re starting to get a better sense of what the 2022 NFL season will look like for many teams. As we head into the week three rankings and people are sleeping, it’s also time to start taking advantage of the managers’ overreaction. Buying and selling are back, and another random ranked list of fun. This time, inspired by your requests after you tweeted about a delicious cake from last week.

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2022 Week 3 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨 attention 🚨 here they are they sleep. They won’t imitate my ranking 100%. This is about chasing the upside and often carries more risks, but based on APA matches-You can “get broken” if necessary.

rear quarter

Possible start: Carson Wentz, WSH – As mentioned in my Third week concessions columnWentz will not throw more than 40 times All week, but the leaders’ defense – and Wentz’s interceptions – help push the attack to throw more. It helps the defenses not be able to win, and try to stop Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson and/or Curtis Samuel. Death by a thousand cuts… well, three, or four if you add the back field, and even five with Logan Thomas intact.

The leaders also host the unstoppable Eagles attack, signaling a shootout… which means, of course, that the 10-7 Banner Fest is in store.

Marie Start Greetings: Jared Gough, Diet The danger with Goff is not to rush up, and if he only throws 1-2 touchdowns, there won’t usually be 300-400 yards to make up for that. While Aaron Rodgers didn’t do much against the Vikings in the first week, he didn’t have much to throw at him, and he struggled previously early in the season. Torn apart by Galen Hurts—on the ground, too—he completed 26 of his 31 attempts for 333 yards and touchdowns. Goff has the upside to throw three downsides this week.

running back

Possible start: Devin Singletary, BUF The Bills backfield is still frustrated by their lack of consistency, but at least Singletary ranks first for chances. While the appearance of the Ravens didn’t do much against Miami, Lamar Jackson ate the Dolphins, even spreading 5.0 YPC on his eight lunges outside the 79-yard home call. Additionally, Damien Harris had 48 yards on nine runs in Week 1, although Rhamondre Stevenson didn’t have the same success. That’s risky, but if the dolphin offense continues, it could be the Singletary RB2.

Possible start: Dameon Pierce, HOU – We knew the slippers were going to fall for Rex Burkhead, just no one expected it to happen in a week. Pierce leads the way, and the Bears crime can’t get out of its own way (more on them soon). Aaron Jones tore the bears for 132 yards and landed on 15 buggies.

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Marie Start Greetings: Jamal Williams, Diet – We’re chasing a touchdown with Williams, as D’Andre Swift’s backup limits Williams’ touches, seeing 12 and 13 respectively in the first two weeks. The match is very favorable, as the Vikings could not stop the Eagles’ ground match, scoring 34 for 163 and two stars (both painful). Boston Scott looked like he was shot from a cannon as he climbed straight into the middle for 16 yards at one point, and we’re shooting several decent runs for Williams, and hopefully one will end with a score.

wide future

Possible start: Allen Robinson, Lar Robinson bounced back, but didn’t change a week, it was a great game (5-4-53-1). Honestly, a top 25 performer from the team’s No. 2 receiver would be a welcome site if it happened every week. Well, the Cardinals allowed 42.1% of their opponents’ captains to finish touchdowns, including nine receptions over 20 yards and seven deliveries for touchdowns. cooper cup And the ARob should have a big 3 week.

Possible start: JoJo Smith, Schuster, Kentucky Brendan Cox 7-82-0, Christian Kirk 6-78-2. Those were the highlights against the Colts in the first two weeks, and while Travis Kelce is technically the top pick to receive the Chiefs, JJSS is tied for second place with Marquez Valdes-Scantling at 15.1 TmTGT%. He also has a 1.46 YPRR against an MVS’ 0.89.

Beginning of Mary’s Greetings: Darnell Mooney, Chi – here we are. Mooney has fallen in the Hill Mary starting area, and when your team only attempts 11 passes, you understand why. However, even with the Colts and Broncos performing averagely against the Texans, these Texans actually allowed 10 receptions for over 20 yards—most of them in the league. The Bears also faced the 49ers and Packers, two much better defenses than the Texans. Of course, Justin Fields would need to throw it more than 11 times. Hopefully this doesn’t spoil the desperate managers.

tight end

Possible start: Evan Ingram, Jax – Don’t look now, but Engram ranks 8th in the % path for tight ends with 17.6 TmTGT%. Sure, he only turned 74 yards, but he grabbed all but one of his targets (his hands are working!). The chargers are a tough match, but the tight end mode is really gross, and we’re chasing the volume…hopefully.

Mary Start Greetings: Tyler Conklin, New York Speaking of volume, Conklin has a higher % trajectory than Engram at 84.4. Even with three impressive aircraft receivers, the Conklin saw 16 targets (16.0 TmTGT%) for the 10-56-1. If the Bengals get back on track and turn this into a high-stakes cause, the Jets have shown they can keep up, and Conklin has the potential to score.

Fun with arrangement!

In case you missed the tweet of the awesome cake I brought home and made (no, it wasn’t a recipe from scratch), here it is in its glory!

I was surprised that people wanted to arrange a boxcake… they might have been making fun of me, but if that was the case, I had fun anyway. Though, it’s a bit difficult to get 10 cakes on this list.

  1. Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch, CTC Frosting – Cake and garnish have crunchy cinnamon bits, and you know I love some crunchy cinnamon toast
  2. Betty Crocker yellow buttercream, chocolate frosting – it’s the classic, but even better, because…butter
  3. Duncan Hines Fudge Marble, Chocolate Frosting – If you want a little more chocolate than yellow cake but not fudge, this is the perfect mix
  4. Pillsbury Funfetti Oreo, Funfetti Oreo Frosting – Underrated. Well, Oreos are amazing, so people will probably know how good this cake is
  5. Duncan Hines Chocolate and Chocolate Frosting – It’s a lot of chocolate, but it’s really good, and Duncan Hines does chocolate even better (their fudge cakes too)
  6. Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Crumb – Technically not “real cake” but crumb cake (sometimes coffee cake) is one of my favorites, and this is amazing
  7. Duncan Hines Red Velvet, Cream Cheese Frosting – Red Velvet is not a flavor! Cocoa flavor with a red tint. Now that we have this out of the way, it’s still super delicious with cream cheese frosting to make the perfect pairing.
  8. Pillsbury Funfetti, Vanilla Funfetti Frosting – “Christmas cake” flavor is what some call it too. fetti . light and fun
  9. Duncan Hines Epic Fruity Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles Frosting – The pebbles have a weird texture compared to eating cereal, which makes this more disappointing than delicious (I mean, it’s a cake, so it’s still good)
  10. Carrot cake – nope. The worst place! Vegetable cake? bleh. Stop.
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Buying and selling


  • Tom Brady, QB, TB – Brady Corps’ reception has been a mess so far. It might take a few more weeks (once Chris Goodwin returns), but Brady was QB2 last year.
  • Derek Henry, RB, Teen – Week 1 was risky with Dontrell Hilliard receiving touchdowns, and Week 2 the Titans were pulling starters early in the blast. Henry is still a beast, and you want to buy low before the 150/1 game happens.
  • Ken Walker, RB, SEA I don’t want anything to do with the Seahawks starting to run, but Walker fits the role of Chris Carson more than does Rashad Penny, who loses some value because of Travis Homer. Walker may never be playable, but he’s boundless (people want him to drop).
  • Cam Akers, RB, LAR – Back to Akers started in week 2. We may never get 70% of Akers work, but even if Akers sit around 60-65%, it will go back to the top 20 weeks.
  • Elijah Moore, WR, NYJ – Leads to plane receptors in the footage and % trajectory. It’s Moore’s time, even if Garrett Wilson was 1A or 1B, Moore would be the other half, as both are better than Corey Davis.
  • DK Metcalf, WR, CA – I don’t want to hear more about “Quarterback Cooking” in Seattle. Anyway, the Seahawks know the abuse is foul, and it really is a two-man show with Tyler Lockett (26.3 TmTGT%) and Metcalf (22.8), with Metcalf having the only red zone and end zone goals to date (one each).
  • Kyle Bates, TE, ATL – As with the Seahawks, it’s a two-man show, and Drake London’s rapid rise will help balance coverage and open things up for better days. People have coined Bates as the best 4 narrow end for good reason.
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  • Antonio Gibson, RB, WSH Gibson could maintain his leadership role if he maintains confidence, especially as he is second in G2G (Goal-to-Go, inside 10) lunges (four) and tied with most GLR (Goal-line Rush, inside 5), also with four. But the imminent return of Brian Robinson looms large.
  • Michael Carter, RB, NYJ The switch to Breece Hall could be soon, as the rookie flashed a lot of upside in Week 2. Carter has his pass game mostly on lock, but if Hall starts eating that work, Carter will slip into RB3.
  • Jahan Dotson, WR, WSH – Dotson leads in Commanders Route% (94.9) and relegation (three), but is fourth in TmTGT% with 11.8, behind Logan Thomas, making him the most volatile and likely to fall.
  • Gerald Everett, TE, LAC Everett was a great filler for the first couple of weeks, and it’s rare for anyone to trade tight ends, but Donald Parham – once he’s back – will affect Everett’s use and value.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Predictions

🚨 attention 🚨 These can differ from my rankings, my ratings Ranks are the order in which I will start players Outside the extra context, like, “You need the highest advantage, even if it’s risky.” Also, based on 4 TDs for QB, 6 Points Rest, and Half-PPR

Download link added Thursday

***here they are Not Sunday morning update FYI ***

Fantasy Football Week 3 Rankings

🚨 attention 🚨

  • Just Half PPR Because FantasyPros’ automatic calculation of ranks is Non and Full-PPR can be turned off. But, there is so little difference from Non to Half and from Full to Half that you don’t have to worry.
  • ECR = Expert Consensus Rank. Don’t focus on that too much, as not all experts are constantly/constantly updating.
  • They are updated regularly, so check that the menus are completely locked.

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