Expert picks NFL Week 14: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears predictions

Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears Confrontation for the second time in just three weeks. The last time these two teams met, it was a close battle and required a furious comeback from Detroit to get the win at home.

So it should come as no surprise that literally everyone on the Pride of Detroit is expecting a one-score game this time in Chicago.

In fact, while we’d all pick Black to win most weeks – and we were right most of the time – this week is a bit more divided. Three of our 12 staff members who picked the winner went with the Bears this week. The other nine went with the Lions.

Here’s a look at all of our Lions vs. Bears, Week 14:

Brandon Knapp (10-2): 24-20 Bears
Ryan Matthews (10-2): 21-17 black
Jerry Mallory (9-3):24-20 Bears
Alex Renault (9-3): 24-21 lion
Kelly Rowe (9-3): 24-17 lion
Mikko Scott (9-3): 23-20 lion
Hamza Bakoush (8-4): 21-20 lion
Morgan Cannon (8-4): 27-23 lion
Jeremy Raisman (8-4): 23-20 bears (preview on paper)
Eric Schlitt (8-4): 24-17 Lion (Keys to Victory)
Kyle Yost (8-4): 27-20 lion
John Whitcar (7-5):31-27 black
Chris Burfitt (0-0-12): 28-28 tie

You can see all of our picks for Week 14 both straight and against the spread here.

Now it’s time for our audience to vote. Who will win between the Lions and the Bears? Vote in the poll below and share your score prediction in the comments section below.


Who will win in Week 14?

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