ESA says E3 is officially dead, ending years of efforts to revive it

Electronic Entertainment Expo, once the gaming industry’s largest convention and media platform, is officially dead.

“After more than two decades of hosting an event that has served as the central showcase for the American and global video game industry,” the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has decided to end E3, said President Stanley Pierre-Louis. and CEO of a nonprofit trade association representing the interests of the games industry in the United States.

A combination of new competitors, partner withdrawals, changing audience habits and pandemic-era disruptions led to E3’s decline, ending years of efforts to revive the event that began in 1995.

“We know that the industry as a whole, gamers and creators alike, are passionate about E3 and we share that passion,” said Pierre-Louis. It’s the right thing to do.”

Origins and evolution of E3

That includes new opportunities Online video news conferences deliver information directly to the audience — without the costs of attending a trade show, including booth fees, travel expenses and tight deadlines for presentations. In 2011, Nintendo developed a “live” format, creating video news conferences to announce new games and products.

In 2018, Sony PlayStation Deciding to leave the event A domino effect began as other vendors and companies pulled in their presence. A year later, former E3 contributor and journalist Geoff Keighley announced that he had quit helping ESA with the show, and has since gone on to successfully design his own, separate events for showcases such as the Summer Games Festival. He has also created showcase designs at the annual Game Awards, including Thursday’s Game Awards.

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Perspective: Game Awards 2023 winners and losers

In 2019, recent E3 shows, including the closing time event in 2019, allowed the general public to attend in an effort to build buzz. The pandemic compounded E3’s woes, as quarantines forced many game publishers to adopt an online press conference format, with varying degrees of success.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Pierre-Louis was familiar with the circumstances affecting the visit.

“In past years there have been fans who have been invited to attend, but this is really about the marketing and business model for the industry and being able to give the world information about new products,” he said. “Companies now have access to consumer and business relationships in a variety of ways, including through their own showcases.”

Before E3, video games were showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the industry Pushed aside. ESA created E3 as a trade show for retailers to meet game publishers and creators.

“At the time, as a profession, we understood that power sports existed, but many did not appreciate the important role our profession plays in the field of innovation in creating radical expressions of art. And contributions to economic development.”

It grew into a massive multimedia headline-making event. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft showcased the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 consoles, respectively, during the 2005 Electrifying event.

Sometimes the show introduced gaming’s biggest personalities to the public, making developers and company executives household names. In 2000, game creator Hideo Kojima introduced a jaw-dropping presentation for “Metal Gear Solid 2,” a blockbuster movie-making equivalent. As an enigmatic artist his talent for visualization contributed to his mythology.

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In 2004, new Nintendo of America executive Reggie Fils-Imey took the show’s stage and brought charisma and fire to the historically business-style presentations.

Efforts are underway to replace E3. The Game Awards ceremony captured much of E3’s cultural power, but it was also criticized Pay attention to the ads and marketing, which hinders recognition of the industry’s work.

Closing out E3, Pierre-Louis said the business of video games has “bloomed in many different ways.”

“Any one of these major companies can create a unique showcase… [and] Partner with other industry events to showcase the breadth of sports,” he said. “This is exciting for our industry and an opportunity to explore how to engage new audiences in different ways.”

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