Elon Musk postpones his $8 ‘blue’ Twitter verification plan until after midterm

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Twitter is delaying the rollout of account verifications for its paid Twitter Blue subscription plan until after the midterm elections, a source familiar with the decision confirmed to CNN.

The decision to postpone the new feature comes a day after the platform Updated version released From an iOS app that promises to let users who pay a monthly subscription fee get a blue check mark on their profiles, a feature suggested by CEO Elon Musk as a way fight spam on the platform.

The app’s latest update is out on Apple’s App Store, noting that users will now have to pay $7.99 a month for the company’s Twitter Blue verification feature, “just like the celebrities, companies, and politicians you already follow.” The check mark has long been used to confirm the authenticity of government officials, dignitaries, and journalists.

CNN’s testing of the service on Saturday afternoon indicates that the rollout has not yet been completed before Sunday’s decision. The new Twitter account created by CNN that opted for the paid feature did not show a check mark on its public profile. It also appears that Twitter is still charging $4.99, which is an old price.

The decision to delay the rollout comes as the entire decision to charge users for verification has faced widespread public backlash. In a show of defiance, some celebrities on the platform posed as a masker over the weekend and revealed a possible flaw in the “blue check” system.

Comedian Sarah Silverman used her verified account to steal Mask and copy his profile picture, cover photo, and name. The only thing that marks an upcoming tweet from Silverman’s account is Tweet embed Dealing.

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“I am chasing freedom of speech and I eat breakfast every day,” Silverman chirp Saturday. Her account also retweeted posts supporting Democratic candidates.

Silverman’s account was labeled “temporarily restricted” on Sunday, with a warning that “there was unusual activity from this account” shown to visitors before they clicked to access the profile. The comedian then changed her account back to her usual form, complete with her name and photo.

Similarly, TV actress Valerie Bertinelli changed it account name To the Twitter CEO, Twitter Friday that “[t]The blue check mark simply means that your identity has been verified. Scammers will find it difficult to impersonate you. This no longer applies. Good luck there! Then she answered a follower who asked how the check mark was no longer valid, writing“[y]You can buy a blue checkmark for $7.99 a month without verifying your identity.”

After changing her profile name to Musk, Bertinelli tweeted and retweeted her support for several Democratic candidates and hashtags, including “VoteBlueForDemocracy” and “#VoteBlueIn2022”.

The actress changed her account name back to Valerie Bertinelli Sunday, Twitter“[o]key-dokey I enjoyed and thought I made my point.”

Sunday Musk chirp that “from now on, any Twitter engagement that deals with impersonation without defining ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended.” he is too chirp Changing the name on Twitter “will result in a temporary loss of the verified checkmark”.

In addition, musk Twitter users said they will no longer receive a warning before they comment. “This will be clearly defined as a condition of subscribing to Twitter Blue,” . said chirp.

Comedian Kathy Griffin’s account has also been suspended for impersonating the Twitter CEO.

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The phishing activity follows Musk’s purchase of the company and his pledge to restore the accounts of users previously banned from the platform, most notably former President Donald Trump. Musk also said that it will limit the company’s content restrictions and require a paid subscription for the account verification.

In recent months, Musk has shared conspiracy theories On the attack on Paul Pelosi, Call The Democrats’ Divide and Hate Party, comparison Former Twitter CEO Joseph Stalin warned that “the virus of the awakened mind will destroy civilization.”

– CNN’s Brian Fong contributed to this report.

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