Drew Jones, Shield 1st Drag Appearance, was shot in the shoulder

Phoenix – pick D – linebacker in the first round (second overall) in 2022 MLB . Projectdefensive player Drew Jonesinjured his left shoulder (without throwing) during batting practice Monday at the club’s Salt Riverfields facility.

“He was acquiring BP,” said Josh Barfield, manager of De Bucks Farm. “It was his first exercise, and it was his last BP on the field. The second to last time he felt something in his shoulder. He didn’t take him to his knees or anything, he said he felt something.”

Jones, in fact, was going to go onto the field to do his defensive work, but linebacker D decided to take the cautious route and immediately sent him for an MRI, which showed the injury.

Jones will meet with team doctor Gary Waslowski on Wednesday to determine the extent of the injury and what the next steps are.

Jones will likely need surgery, but that won’t be known for certain until Waslewski sees him. Regardless, it looks like Jones won’t be playing again this year.

“He’s an impressive kid, and obviously that’s pretty overwhelming news, but he took it as far as he could,” Barfield said. “He was just asking what’s next, what it looks like.”

Jones Closed an $8.19 million deal with linebacker D On Saturday and he was at Chase Field that night, where he put on a great batting practice show. As part of the signing process, Jones underwent a shoulder MRI, which Barfield said was “clean,” so Monday’s injury was just a coincidence.

This is the third time a first-round D linebacker has suffered a major shoulder injury in the past year and a half.

Outfielder Corbin Carroll, Team Choice for the first round in 2019 and current highest probabilitysustained a shoulder injury during the first week of the Minor League season in 2021 and underwent surgery at the end of the season.

Then in August, shortstop Jordan Lular, the team’s first pick in the 2021 draft and No. 2 possibilityHe suffered an injury during the AFC Champions League match and also required end-of-season surgery.

The good news for Jones and linebacker D is that both Carroll and Lawlar are back in time for the start of the 2022 season, and both are having great years.

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