Did Huawei really develop its own 5G chip to get around US sanctions?

Huawei released the Mate 60 Pro on Wednesday without much fanfare and a few missing details — namely the type of chip it uses. Any mention of a chip is noticeably absent from the $960 phone project pages Although “better calling experience” and “more stable network connection” were mentioned.

This information has only appeared in videos and reviews posted online, including This is one of the technology outlets GizmochinaWhich says that the device comes with a Kirin 9000s processor to support 5G and satellite calls. This appears to be the latest version of the Kirin chipset that we last saw it with Mate 40 series devices in 2020. but, Gizmochina He notes that “there is very little information that can be confirmed” about whether the company has become self-sufficient with the Kirin 9000s. Huawei declined to comment.

If the Huawei Mate 60 Pro had its own 5G chipset, it would be a huge achievement for the Chinese smartphone giant. In 2019, the US government banned US companies from selling software and equipment to Huawei due to national security concerns. Things got worse for Huawei when the US began making it more difficult for foreign chipmakers with US-made technology to do business with the company.

After Huawei’s stock of existing chipsets began to run low, rumors surfaced that the company was working on a 5G chip using technology sourced from China. Nikki Asia reported in July Huawei wants to resume production on 5G chips “as early as this year,” with the Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (SMIC) ready to begin production of the company’s in-house 5G chip.

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SMIC will reportedly use 7nm technology to produce the chip. It’s still not as efficient as the 4nm and 3nm processes used by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which makes chips for big-name customers like Apple, Nvidia and Google. However, some speculate that letting Chinese tech companies (literally) fend for themselves might happen threaten the chip industry Which the Biden administration is trying to strengthen in the United States.

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