Deep list of finds and notes about Street Fighter 6 gameplay created by Javits Arias after spending hours diving into the game

This past weekend gave the fighting game community the best look into the potential depth of Street Fighter 6 but thanks to IFC |dry up and BC |Sabine get a chance Broadcast the next game for about 4 hours With some East Coast crew.

Javits Ariaswho you might know as a Street Fighter 5 lab wizard, was among the attendees to play the demo for SF6, and he created a long list of all the discoveries made and the exciting details noted during that extended session.

Some of the first things Arias wrote were about aspects of the game such as stylized specials that don’t build the counter, no crossovers and punisher counters that give more of a frame advantage over standard counter strikes, which were discussed earlier, but he went much further than that. .

Javits put together an entire section dedicated to information about Ryu, answering dozens of questions about the character such as confirming that Tatsumaki Senpukyaku can cross in SF6 and narrating into Supers after like Street Fighter 4.

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Ryu’s old, medium low bread and butter kick in Hadoken appears not to be a real block in the demo, but rather light Hashogeki’s use after the kick.

Perhaps his scariest discovery is that the characters are placed in a file Punishment counter Condition after inhalation attack in the air, including during landing tires.

If this continues in the final version, the extra jump will be more dangerous to attack and the spacing will be more important.

Javits also spent some time answering people’s questions about the SF6 on Twitter where he confirmed that all versions of Shoryuken-like reversals are full anti-air in contrast to the SF5.

An interesting response, too, is that unlocking the Drive Rush from anything regular seems to provide the same advantage as the frame, so any combination of Drive Rush that works through a heavy punch should work out a light punch as well.

As mentioned earlier, EC players have been playing a beta of SF6, and at least some of these mechanics will likely change before the game’s actual release sometime in 2023 (or maybe even in an updated beta).

You can check out the Javits’ full list of notes on Street Fighter 6’s gameplay below, and it’s worth a look at Original Twitter theme too It answers more questions that were not addressed in the original text.

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