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December’s update Infinite aura has arrived!

Firefight: King of the Hill, new field repair equipment, huge additions to Forge with new bosses, high-value objectives added to the Forge AI toolkit, a dedicated game browser, ranked improvements — and more.

Here are the highlights of what awaits you today Infinite aura

what’s new?

Firefighting: King of the Hill

The latest incarnation of Firefight has arrived Infinite aura– Shootout: King of the Hill.

You and three other players face off against waves of exiled villains as you fight to take over the Hills in this PvE experience, featuring nine maps, including the House of Reckoning from Infinite auracampaign.

The nine maps in the Firefight: King of the Hill playlist are:

  • House of Accounts
  • the giant
  • Impasse
  • Launch site
  • Living fire
  • oasis
  • In exile (by Epetr0, SandoChokUN)
  • Kosini Bay (by Mr. Coats)
  • Valheim (by Haise Oz)

Also, coming this week is a new Waypoint Chronicle issue (our last one for 2023) based around its theme Infinite auraFirefight experience, so pay attention!

Halo Infinite image of the new repair field equipment attached to the Warthog on Map Breaker

Need to make some repairs while you’re out in the field? We have the perfect equipment item for you…

Introducing the latest addition to our sandbox Infinite auraHealing Field – A neutral piece of equipment that heals allies, enemies, and even vehicles. He can also revive Spartans in specific modes such as Firefight: King of the Hill.

Halo Infinite screenshot of high value targets (Bipbap, Tremonius, Writh Kul) placed on the map Oasis in Forge

Forge continues to be enhanced and improved with exciting new additions, including:

  • High value targets and bosses from Infinite auraAdded Forge AI Toolkit campaign.
  • Added skull modifiers to the node graph.
  • Quality of life updates (global material allowlist, scalable blockers, automatic tower loyalty options, and more).
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Based on player feedback, the audio and UI elements of Ranked Extraction have been improved. The ranked experience will also get some CSR-related quality of life updates.

  • The sound coming from the extractor is no longer universal, it is emanating from the device itself which means you will need to be close to it to hear whether it is being converted or not.
  • The UI will no longer show that the extraction device is actively converting.
  • Once you level up, you’ll get to play three matches, win or lose, before a loss will drop your rating back to the previous level. Additionally, if one of the players in the match quits (and they’re not on your fireteam), you won’t lose your CSR if you decide to quit as well.

With this update, Custom Game Browser received some improvements and fixes:

  • As long as there are enough slots open, the Fireteam Leader can bring his entire group into a CGB session.
  • Issues preventing players from joining CGB sessions and unclear messages have been resolved.

Online experience for Infinite aura It is still being improved and we are looking to address that further with this update.

  • The new networking system was implemented in Infinite aura It will be tested in the Firefight: King of the Hill playlist (since PvE is a safer environment for us to extensively test this overhauled system) and will later be tested further in Combat Workshop.

This closes us out for this latest update. Engage in some firefights, try out the Mending Field, further enhance your Forge Maps with newly added bosses, test your connections in Ranked Extraction, and have a smoother ride with your friends in the Custom Game Browser…

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December’s update Infinite aura Live now!

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