Dear Abby: My daughter was invited to a celebrity’s wedding

Dear Abby: My little girl is the half-sister of a famous athlete’s wife. They got married last year and invited my daughter. A week later, they canceled her invitation! There is a 20 year gap between their ages, but my daughter looks up to her stepsister. You really hurt my daughter’s feelings. Perhaps my feelings were more hurt. All of her other siblings were there, as well as several other family members.

We were never told why my daughter was uninvited. Her father did not stand up to his eldest daughter because he broke his younger daughter’s heart. My daughter is growing up, and she knows who her sister’s husband is when she sees him on TV. How can I stop being angry at these people because they hurt my child? -Mama is angry in Michigan

Dear Mama: You mentioned that there is a 20 year age gap between your daughter and the bride. Could it be that the bride and her famous fiancĂ© have concerns about someone so young (7, 8, 9?) at their high-profile wedding? Before your resentment continues to build, try to have a rational conversation with your step-daughter so that you fully understand the circumstances. While I don’t advocate rescinding someone’s invitation to a celebration, it is possible that the invitation was sent in error.

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