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Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pauls traded two of his team captains last week, Robert Quinn and Rowan Smith. By doing so, he added a second-round pick, fourth, fifth, and veteran AJ Klein. according to Dan Federer of the Chicago Tribune“There is little chatter within league circles that the bears may never finish their business.” Eric Edholm Twitter“It’s as if the bears are coming more. Ryan Bowles has approached this list unemotionally and proactively.”

Let’s not forget that the Poles replaced Khalil Mack in the off-season, so he’s been on sale since he took the job. He flipped the list while ensuring he had plenty of money to spend in 2023 and collecting as many draft picks as possible.

He chooses bears in first, second, second (via BAL), third, fourth, fourth (via PHI), fifth, fifth (via BAL), and seventh for nine total choices.

So far.

The NFL’s trading deadline is Tuesday, November 1 at 3:00 p.m. CST, and the Bears have two veteran players that could make sense to move in to dip David Montgomery and Eddie Jackson’s safety.

Before the Roquan deal, I figured the bears would stand pawns, but now I’m not sure.

25-year-old Montgomery is in the final year of his junior contract, and if the Poles don’t want to pay a higher price to re-sign him, he may also see what he can get in the draft.

Jackson is in a different position with two more years on his contract (plus a void year), but the team looking for secondary assistance in a playoff round could claim the 28-year-old Pro Bowler twice.

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There is also an outside chance that the Poles can add some help to his team if the price is right. There are plenty of recovery-type receivers rumored to be available, as well as a proper scheme to defend them failing or an upgrade on the offensive line cannot be ruled out.

If there are any concrete rumors or news nuggets to pop up about bears and trade deadline, we’ll share them here.

  • Bears traded for Chase Claypool in Pittsburgh. (Our story is here)
  • Not related to the Bears, but a deal between the two NFC North teams, with the Lions trading tight end TJ Hockenson Vikings. (Link)
  • our man Greg Gabriel says His NFL sources say they haven’t heard much of the hype about David Montgomery’s trade, and even if he was transferred, the compensation wouldn’t be much.
  • “The Bears are among the teams that have contacted the Patriots to gauge the availability of WR Kendrick Bourne,” PFF’s Doug Cayde says:.
  • This tweet probably means that Eddie Jackson will stay in Chicago because the Bears family can’t afford any of his remaining salary.

I asked a few of our guys here at WCG to share some thoughts with me about the trade deadline, and here’s some of what they had to say.

Josh Sanderbruch said, “The idea of ​​trading Montgomery and fourth Eagles for thirds is more interesting than just collecting another fourth or fifth, because the more Poles they can do to collect picks in the #20-100 range, the better.”

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Peter Borkowski told me, “While I personally wouldn’t mind a team going out and having a small, cheap WR project that might develop into something (like Elijah Moore or Terrace Marshall Jr.), sitting tight is the best option. Keep your initial capital , save lid space, and then make some noise in the off-season when there are more options on the table.”

Sam Hausholder said, “The Poles are not in a position to part with capital for the coming years that you can probably afford nine more games like The Bears on Sunday in Dallas. Games where you see growth from Justin Fields but are frustrated by the lack of talent around the quarterback. If so or give up on the first or second day, I think you take the first choice every time.”

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