Corsair introduces motherboard cases with hidden connectors – 2500D/X and 6500D/X that support MSI Project Zero and Asus BTF

Corsair offers two PC cases for mATX and ATX form factors designed for Asus and MSI motherboards with mirrored connectors soldered behind the PCB, allowing developers to practically hide all the cables. These are the 2500X and 2500D micro-ATX cases and the 6500X and 6500D ATX cases, with glass X and D suffixes and black and white mesh front panels. Corsair showed off these cases during CES 2024, with the release date initially announced as February 27.

Corsair calls these new “dual-chamber cases,” and they are the future of their previous dual-chamber cases. These cases are the first to be compatible with motherboards with reversible connectors such as Asus' Back-To-The-Future and MSI's Project Zero. All of these cases are available at retail via Amazon UK at the time of writing. the Corsair 6500X And 6500 D It is priced at £169.99 in the UK, which is approximately US$215.53, and 2500X And 2500 D For £129.99, about $164.81, as pre-orders.

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