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New Delhi: Summons Freeze From Congress Bank accounts Amid Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ploy to derail the Lok Sabha elections, the party leadership on Thursday said it had no rupees to spend and could not start its election campaign during the crucial month before the vote while the BJP is spending money across the country like never before.It demanded that Congress Allow her to use her bank accounts.
The Congress revealed that it has just received an IT notice dating back to its accounts in 1994 when the late Sitaram Kesari was the party's treasurer, stressing that it exposes the “malicious conspiracy” against the party.
Claiming that the opposition party cannot fight elections without funding, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge taunted Modi saying there are leaders across the world who get 99% votes and that should not happen in India.
In an unprecedented move, Kharge and Sonia Gandhi came out Rahul Gandhi He held a joint press conference at the Congress headquarters to raise the alarm over the miserable situation of the party. “This is not a freeze of our accounts, this is a freeze of democracy in India… It is a lie that there is democracy in India. It is a complete lie. There is no democracy in India today,” Rahul said.

He regretted that while the main opposition was financially paralyzed before the elections, the institutions charged with protecting democracy, such as the courts, the Election Commission and the media, remained completely silent about it.
Echoing the ongoing row over his remarks raised by the Prime Minister, Rahul said: “Hate-filled Asura Shakti has frozen our bank accounts to kill Indian democracy. We are fighting against Asura Shakti.”
He expressed astonishment that the penalty for an alleged financial matter of Rs 14 lakh was the “entire financial identity of the Congress”. He said 20% of India votes for Congress which cannot even pay Rs 2 for anything. “This is a criminal act against Congress by the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. “It doesn't happen without them in India today,” Rahul said.

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“All our bank accounts have been frozen. We cannot do any election work, we cannot support our workers, we cannot support our candidates, our leaders cannot travel from one part of the country to another… They cannot take a railway train, and this happened two months ago Literally. He added the election campaign.
The sources said that eight of the party's 11 accounts were frozen. Party treasurer Ajay Maken said a month's delay in filing of 2017-18 accounts, as per the IT Act, could at best attract a fine of Rs 10,000, but a concession of Rs 210 crore has been flagged for the Congress. He said if the IT notification could have been issued 30 years ago during Kesari's tenure, the government could go back to the era of Mahatma Gandhi when Jamalal Bajaj was Congress treasurer.
Speaking of a “systematic attempt” to cripple Congress financially, Sonia Gandhi said: “Even under these difficult circumstances, we are doing our best to maintain the effectiveness of our election campaign.”
Karg said there is no level playing field now as the BJP has created a monopoly on media advertisements and air transport, while the Congress is not even able to send its leaders to different cities and is yet to start its campaign with rallies or media. advertisements.
He said: “All parties should enjoy resources equally, and those in power should not monopolize resources and media, and the ruling party cannot have direct or indirect control over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Information Technology, the European Commission and other independent bodies.”
While the Supreme Court order on electoral bonds exposed how the BJP amassed millions in its bank accounts, there is no accounting for the money they receive, he said, saying “there are question marks” over India's image as a healthy democracy established more than 70 years ago.

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