Concord PS5 previews look ripped in Sony’s new shooter

A few hands-on Concorde previews have just dropped, giving us more information about Sony’s upcoming PS5 shooter. The game’s full reveal in its latest state of play hasn’t been particularly good, with a lot of criticism directed at its heavy-handed characters and familiar Overwatch-style gameplay.

It can be difficult to build on negative first impressions, but we’ve been saying for a while that Concord just needs to prove that it’s a fun and engaging video game. Do it right, and positive word of mouth should follow, which may lead to repair of the damage done.

With that in mind, these press previews make for interesting reading. Overall, those who played the game at a recent event say that Concord definitely has potential as a competitive shooter – but there do seem to be some concerns surrounding the core experience.

Let’s start with the good stuff. Viewers generally seem to like the game’s character, and some are quite drawn to the title’s colorful cast of quirky characters. As he hinted, gunplay is supposed to be pleasant and satisfying. The flow of gameplay is another positive point, with previews highlighting fun hero abilities and teamwork opportunities.

But some aren’t entirely sold on Concord’s combination of a live-service structure and character-driven stories. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the longevity of the title. A five-on-five shooter that strives to be simply competitive He should It was a huge hit as quickly as it could in the current market – but obviously it’s hard to judge something like that until the game is available to the public.

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You can check out a selection of these previews below.

“While I enjoyed my time in the limited hands-on preview overall, I have several concerns about the Concorde’s longevity and what it offers. […] The problem with Concord, at least in this preview version, is that it takes bits and pieces from games like Halo and Destiny and mixes them together into a formula that hasn’t quite come together for me yet.”

“Admittedly, this reveal left me feeling a little underwhelmed; it looked good, but not necessarily something I haven’t seen before. However, after playing the game for a few hours during a recent preview event, I’m excited for more excitement. It feels like a mix of Destiny and Overwatch, But I’m concerned about the team’s focus on lore and storytelling and whether it will pay off in a multiplayer-only format.”

“I don’t know if it will be Helldivers level two phenomenon, but if this is the multiplayer hit of the year, Concord could at least be the multiplayer game of the summer […] The only thing I didn’t like about Concorde was the personalities of the characters. The developers have emphasized that despite their fantasy and sci-fi backgrounds, these are just ordinary people. Maybe a little ordinary. “It’s like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but instead of a neurotic weirdo, we have a guy who loves hot sauce and sentient robots who have developed ordinary personalities.”

“Recently, VGC had the opportunity to spend three hours with Conord ahead of its beta release, and while it may not do much for players who have written off hero shooters entirely, its ambition in storytelling is truly impressive, and could… Impacts the way live service titles tell stories moving forward.”

Are you looking forward to Concord? What do you think of these previews? Wait for the beta and form your own opinion in the comments section below.

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