Call Of Duty is on PlayStation a few more years

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Sony got “several more years” of joint custody Call of duty with Microsoft.
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Good news PlayStation Call of duty Players: Microsoft says you’ll have “several more years” of playing a shoot-bang on your Sony console.

according to the edgeEarlier this year, Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer pledged this to PlayStation chief Jim Ryan in a written letter in which he said Call of duty It won’t disappear from the PlayStation Store front anytime soon if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is approved by regulators.

“In January, we submitted a signed agreement with Sony to ensure this Call of duty on PlayStation, with features and content equal, for at least several more years beyond Sony’s current contract, an offering that goes beyond typical game industry conventions,” said Phil Spencer, President of Xbox, the edge.

While exactly how long “several more years” will be may be unknown, PlayStation gamers who fear it will be cod The franchise will become an Xbox exclusive alongside the likes of Bethesda’s upcoming Space-rpg, starfieldYou could breathe easier, at least a little longer.

Back in January, Microsoft announced it was closing in on a $70 billion deal to buy Activision BlizzardPublisher behind Note and watchAnd the DiabloAnd the Call of dutyAnd the candy crush. Currently, Microsoft Arguing with legislators and regulatory groups Worldwide it says its deal is on the upswing and won’t hurt the gaming industry.

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One such claim was made by Xbox in a report by Published by the New Zealand Trade Commission in JuneThe mega company asserted that “there is nothing unique about video games developed and published” by Activision and that none of the games, including Call of duty A franchise, it was a “must have” games for any competing gaming company or platform holder.

Shortly after Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision, Sony revealed plans to buy Fate 2 Bungie Maker for $3.6 Billion and I invested 1 billion dollars in Epic Games. Sony’s investment in Epic Games marks PlayStation’s third spending spree in recent times Bought Bluepoint GamesThe studio behind the popular PS5 demon souls remaster, last year.

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