Bride says she was criticized for saying no to bridesmaids

  • Clancy Burke said on YouTube in a video that she will not have bridesmaids at her wedding next year.
  • Burke told Insider that she has faced criticism from people who called her selfish.
  • She said that she did not want bridesmaids because of the financial aspect, among other reasons.

A YouTuber told Insider that she faced a backlash from her followers after announcing that she won’t have bridesmaids at her wedding next year.

Clancy BurkeD., a former television news reporter who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, got engaged to partner Zach Rogal in December. She shared details about the proposal and wedding plans in various YouTube videos, including one She said she won’t have bridesmaids. Burke has 450,000 subscribers at the time of writing.

“This may be a bit controversial, but we don’t organize a wedding,” Burke said in the video posted to YouTube on April 23.

“It just complicates everything, makes everyone else have to spend a lot of money, and it was like putting pressure on me to think of who I would pick, and that person leave,” she said.

Burke added that another reason she made the decision was that she doesn’t have one friend group, but rather different individual friends who don’t know each other. The video has garnered over 51,000 views as of June.

Speaking to Insider, Burke said the video received negative backlash from some people who accused her of trying to shine a light.

“There were definitely a lot of people supporting me, but there were people saying that was weird, that it was selfish of me,” Burke said.

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Clancy Burke

Clancy Burke photographed by Lindsey Logman.

Lindsey Logeman

“There were some people saying I just wanted to be in the spotlight and be me and Zack,” she added.

Burke said she doesn’t want to pressure her friends to wear certain dresses or do their hair and makeup a certain way.

“My best friend is still ready with me, but you can wear any dress you want… and we’ll have a great time,” Burke said. “It’s really nice to go through the wedding process knowing that you don’t just have to stick to tradition anymore.”

Burke and Rogal were set up on a date by his mom 4 years ago

Burke told Insider that she and Rogal were set up by his mother four years ago, who she worked with at the time. Burke said she gave Burke her son’s number, but the couple didn’t go on their first date until 7 months later because Rogal initially “continued to piss me off.”

They finally went to a football match on their first date, and Burke said they knew right away that it was going to be a relationship.

Clancy and Zack are engaged

Clancy Burke and Zach Rogal are engaged in December 2021.

Clancy Burke / Rooted Creative

“We’ve been in this ever since,” Burke said. “And for me, that was my first serious relationship, so my first boyfriend and my last boyfriend.”

The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve 2021 at their local park in front of their family, and shared the news on Youtube video Posted on January 1st. Burke told Insider that the wedding will take place in the summer of 2023 in Cincinnati.

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