Brandon Ingram is expected to become available for a trade with an eye on the wing market.

With the 2024 NBA Draft now over, the league’s trade market is expected to continue to be active over the weekend, league sources tell Yahoo Sports, with several clubs looking to add players for next season or adjust salaries ahead of the 2024-25 fiscal year that begins when free agency opens at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday.

The second round of the draft on Thursday has already seen the Denver Nuggets, for example, send three future second-round picks to Charlotte in exchange for Reggie Jackson’s $5.2 million salary, sources said. It’s a move that would open up much-needed flexibility for Denver as NBA staffers prepare to let Nuggets center Kentavious Caldwell-Pope exit via free agency after the veteran declined his $15.4 million player option on Thursday.

There are several other important player-option and contract-guaranteed decisions looming over the next 48 hours, perhaps none more significant than Paul George’s $48.7 million option to remain with the Clippers — which he could reasonably decline and join Caldwell-Pope on the open market. Another wing player who should be considered for this mix of perimeter talent, Brandon Ingram, is expected to become available for a trade to New Orleans, according to league sources who spoke to Yahoo Sports , if Ingram’s representation and the Pelicans’ front office fail to find a long-term extension before Ingram enters the final year of his current deal in 2024-25.

David Griffin told reporters after the first round of Wednesday night’s game that the Pelicans hope to retain Ingram and that Ingram wants to stay with New Orleans. But the Pelicans have never paid the luxury tax, and New Orleans will likely have to cap Ingram’s potential salary.

Sources have reported that Ingram is listed among Philadelphia’s targets this season, somewhere behind George, though it’s not entirely clear where Ingram ranks among Philadelphia’s ideal wing target pool between Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. If George rejects Philadelphia, Philadelphia could easily acquire Ingram in $60+ million in salary cap space, but could Philadelphia’s three first-round picks be enough for Ingram?

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Cleveland is still mentioned by league officials as a potential replacement for Ingram, but there is no direct path to making such a deal work with the Cavaliers. While Cleveland maintains its interest in Ingram and values ​​his skills, sources said Cavaliers personnel have remained reluctant to dismantle the team’s core of Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen, as NBA figures continue to prepare to sign Mitchell to a lucrative extension. Without parting ways with Allen, who has long been on New Orleans’ radar, it’s hard to find a path to bringing Ingram to Northeast Ohio. (Another center the Pelicans have been eyeing, Nets big man Nick Clacton, is now committed to four more years and $100 million in Brooklyn.) Cleveland doesn’t want to part ways with Garland either, sources said, even if his representative at Klutch Sports tries to push his own trade.

Atlanta is another popular figure in the league that Ingram mentioned, but there have been no substantive talks between the Hawks and Pelicans, sources said, since the two teams discussed trade scenarios involving Dejounte Murray before the February trade deadline. Atlanta was so focused on selecting the No. 1 pick in this week’s draft, sources said, that the Hawks were then determined to trade up in the second round, with Atlanta ultimately taking Nikola Corisic. The Hawks are now certainly expected to gauge trade possibilities for Murray, All-Star guard Trae Young, Clint Capela and the rest of their roster players not named in Jalen Johnson and Zachary Reisacher, sources said. League sources told Yahoo Sports, as well as the Spurs and Lakers, that Young has the Pelicans in mind for potential next-favorite teams, but Young’s fit never made sense for a New Orleans position that currently includes C.J. McCollum in its backcourt.

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One team that will be watching Ingram will be Sacramento. Sources said the Kings have been studying a variety of wing options, from Kyle Kuzma to Zach LaVine, and Ingram could be another option Sacramento is exploring. The Kings have veteran wingers Harrison Barnes and Kevin Huerter, who Sacramento put on the trade market at the recent deadline, and their salaries are a near-perfect matchup to meet Ingram’s $36 million expiring cap hit for 2024-25, sources said.

The Jazz could have upwards of $40 million in cap space, plus veteran salaries like John Collins and Jordan Clarkson and a slew of future draft capital, to add any player on the market in the future, from Ingram to George. That’s why Utah made its way into the draft lottery for Mikal Bridges before the Nets ultimately sent the 27-year-old wing to New York, sources said.

The Jazz find themselves in a similar situation to Brooklyn before giving up on Bridges: a non-contending roster with a 27-year-old player on a valuable contract that the entire league was interested in. In Utah, that would be Lauri Markkanen, who has already been named an All-Star unlike Bridges and will enter the final year of his contract if he doesn’t find an extension with Utah in the coming days and weeks. At this point, the Jazz are expected to prioritize finding an extension agreement with Markkanen, according to sources, and Utah officials have made that clear during their approach to Bridges. That won’t stop rival teams from calling and registering their interest in Markkanen, with the hope that Utah decides to kick ass like Brooklyn — if the Jazz can’t secure someone close to a second star for Markkanen.

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Utah is clearly looking to be opportunistic. Sources say there have been concrete discussions between the Jazz and Hawks about Murray at the trade deadline. What big moves might ultimately come from Utah this summer, beyond addressing the Markkanen situation, could present one of the most interesting scenarios of the NBA offseason.

Meanwhile, the Nets are open to signing veterans like Cam Johnson and Dorian Finney-Smith, sources say, even after re-signing with Clacton.

League officials continue to mention the Milwaukee Bucks as a team to watch in the trade market. Milwaukee secured a potential quarterback of the future in Tyler Smith with the 33rd pick in the second round on Thursday. Smith could potentially help replace Brook Lopez as soon as this offseason, if Milwaukee does part ways with the veteran quarterback who is about to enter the final year of his contract. Pat Connaughton and Bobby Portis have continued to be trade candidates as well, a source said.

The Warriors have another great math problem to solve. Golden State has reportedly agreed to increase Chris Paul’s guaranteed money for the 2024-25 season in order to push back the team’s actual deadline to retain his $30 million salary for next year. Golden State has already guaranteed Kevon Looney $8 million after Gary Payton II exercised his $9.1 million player option. All three of those players, as well as swingman Andrew Wiggins, are considered potential expiring contracts for the Warriors, as Golden State attempts to reshape a contending roster around Stephen Curry.

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