Brabus 930 Volcomen AMG S 63 E Performance

Brabus unveiled its latest creation, the Brabus 930.Volcomen', a 930 hp car based on the performance of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 E. A celebration of craftsmanship, designed through the automaker's 'Masterpiece' programme, which aims to deliver a distinctive '1-Second-Wow' effect through performance And luxury.

Vollkommen, whose name translates to “complete” from German to English, is a testament to the brand's pursuit of perfection. It intricately weaves together the raw power of traditional combustion engines with the sophistication of modern electric drive technology, delivering 684 kW (930 hp) of power and a massive 1,510 Nm of torque. This massive force propels the luxury liner from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds, despite its hefty curb weight of around 2.6 tons. This feat is also completed by an electronically limited top speed of 180 mph, embodying the essence of a supercar wrapped in the body of an upscale sedan.

On the outside of the Brabus 930, high-level attention to detail makes a bold statement. Its design philosophy is permeated by a sporty and elegant concept of exposed carbon aerodynamics. From the BRABUS front spoiler with raised side flaps to the precisely designed carbon inserts for the side air inlets, every element has been precisely tuned for optimal performance and stability at high speeds. The BRABUS radiator grille, decorated with exposed RamAir carbon intakes, not only enhances the car's aggressive aesthetic but also improves airflow to the engine.

In keeping with its exterior prowess, the Brabus 930's interior is a haven of luxury. It features a complete interior design, a masterpiece covered in high-quality black leather, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every component. The seats are decorated with the BRABUS “Seashell Diamond” stitching pattern complemented by black stitching and piping. A variety of cockpit elements are anodized in 'Shadow Grey' and high-gloss stamped BRABUS Signature Carbon elements throughout the dashboard and center console underscore the car's exclusive appeal – the new 930 also comes with an optional 'Sky Blue' interior.

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Featuring new high-tech 22-inch BRABUS Monoblock ZM “Platinum Edition” wheels, the BRABUS 930 represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering as well as a beacon of exclusivity and dedication to the craft. For more information about Vollkommen or to inquire about specific construction or parts, additional information can be found on the BRABUS website Official website.

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