Blizzard’s AI concept tools sound incredibly underwhelming

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picture: Blizzard

It wasn’t the best week in Blizzardso let’s check and see how it goes with something other than Monitoring 2 Likes…Yes, Company management sends out emails about how AI tools can help design character costumes and “create concept art”. lovable.

Shannon Liao, writing for New York timespublished excerpts from an email sent to Blizzard employees last month by the company’s chief design officer Allen Adham. He writes: “Prepare to be amazed”“We’re on the brink of a major evolution in how we build and run our games.”

He’s talking about “Blizzard Diffusion” –A play on Stable Diffusion, one of the most popular AI image generation platforms—and he says that at the moment it “was used to help create concept art for the game environments as well as the characters and their outfits,” though he also added Blizzard is looking for other applications of artificial intelligence for everything from Independent and intelligent NPCs within the game“L Level design with procedural assistance “Audio Reproduction”, “Game Codec”, and “Anti-Toxin”.

Blizzard is one of the most famous and reliable video game studios in the world until very recently. It’s survived for decades not only because it creates great games, but because it’s had its fill Those games with memorable characters. To hear people at the company get excited about letting bots train them to serve an algorithmto until he took over some This work bothers me more than I can put into words.

About the only good news to be found in the whole story – which also includes mention of similar efforts from all over Hello Studio 343 to Ubisoft—is the fact that a different approach to AI that Blizzard has been trying (and even patented) is already in the works because “The tool was taking too long from the artist to be effective.”

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