Bill Maher slams writers’ strike, calls WGA demands ‘whimsical’ – Deadline

“They ask for a lot of strange things, for example.”

This is Bill Maher’s take on the current state of the Writers Guild strike after his views were expressed on the latest episode of his Club Random podcast.

“What I find unacceptable in the philosophy of the strike [is] They seem to have come such a long way since the 2007 strike that they kind of think you deserve to live as a writer, and you’re not. This is a business show. “This is the hit-or-miss league,” Maher said of the WGA’s demands to AMPTP in the 127-day work stoppage.

“I’m not saying they don’t have points,” Maher added, agreeing that streaming platforms should report viewing data.

The conversation started when this week’s guest, Jim Gaffigan, spoke about how late-night whacking can kill. Skilled on HBO at present He finished his final season on April 28. I hit the WGA at the beginning of May.

Maher also emphasized that when it comes to the entire entertainment industry ecosystem, it’s not just about the clerks. A large number of other parties are affected by the work stoppage in the industry, which is exacerbated by the SAG-AFTRA strike; The actors’ union began picketing on July 14.

“I feel about my book. I love my book. I’m one of my writers. But there’s a huge other side to that.” one camp or the other, and there is no in between.”

He continued, “Either you’re with the strike like they’re fucking Che Guevara over there, you know, like this Cesar Chavez strike for lettuce harvesting — or you’re with Trump. There is no difference, there are only two camps. And it’s much more complicated than that.”

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Maher also saw that the timing of the strike had expired.

He said, “They are beating the broadcasters, who are looking for a card to get out of prison because of the amounts they spend too much.” “They have too many things in stock, so they have no reason to settle this strike. They struck at the wrong time. They have no leverage.”

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