Beyoncé channels Darth Vader landing in the south of France


Sith Lord Maud in the south of France

… Darth Baider???

Beyonce She appears to feel “the power of the dark side… as she views the truly villainous ‘Star Wars’ as she travels across Europe with her family.”

Queen Bey — or Darth Baider, as you might prefer to call her — landed Friday in the south of France with her husband Jay Zand their young blue ivy In the clouds.

Perhaps her family is feeling Beyoncé’s strength while she’s strolling through the airport, though… because she was totally bundled up in a black hoodie that covered all but a sliver of her face.

It might remind you of a big bad space villain named Darth Vader…the younger version, anyway. Think of the masked Anakin Skywalker from Episode 3 – or perhaps the all-powerful villain, Emperor Palpatine from the same story.

FYI, Bey is currently on the European leg of her Renaissance World Tour… Next stop is Saturday in Frankfurt, where she might announce, “I’m your mother”

Well, to Blue Ivy, anyway… who, as we explained to you, was a backup dancer on the tour.

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