Bethesda ditches its stupid bomber, and goes back to steam


picture: Bethesda

It’s easy to say that one of the worst trends to hit PC gaming in the last decade has been the obsession of major publishers with creating their own launch pads and digital marketplaces, moves that did little for the user but made the game more complex and stressful.

You can find out why they do it from they Perspectives; Storefronts give them a chance to sell things directly, rather than giving Valve the chops as you would selling on Steam or Epic, and the proprietary nature of the player means you have to sign in to a specific account and all kinds of other things are locked—in things like DRM.

But for us? It’s a huge pain in the ass. Especially when you buy a game and play it from Steam and then have to download the publisher’s launcher higher So. Only in the last few months have I been denied entry Madden 22 Since EA’s desktop app was unable to verify my purchase, it was Far Cry 6 The launches stopped because the Ubisoft launcher wouldn’t let me sign in or sync properly and I wish for a quick death every time I had to Any thing With the Rockstar launcher.

Fortunately, only one publisher has seen the light of day and will abandon this approach entirely. Bethesda announced earlier today They are “leaving” Bethesda Launcher and the market in April, having launched them in 2016, and “migrating to Steam”. Bethesda games have of course always been available on Steam, even when the launcher was active, but the move means the publisher is now on the move. everything Back to Steam, so even if you’ve purchased games directly from Bethesda, they’ll soon be ported back to the Valve service, and in some (but not all) cases with your saved games included. there Instructions under the blog If you need to know anything more specific.

With Bethesda now a subsidiary of Microsoft, this will likely be exciting news for anyone who is also upset with Recently bought Activision Blizzard’s special launcher.

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