Best “Reclaim Your Weapons”

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen leader and ally of the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinHe said he was ready to attack Poland and that the European country “better get your weapons back”.

at video Share Wednesday day Twitter by BBC Journalist Francis Skar Kadyrov says that “the Ukraine case is closed” and that he is “interested in Poland” according to a translation of his comments.

“After Ukraine, if you give us the order, we will show you in six seconds what we are capable of,” Kadyrov said.

Poland is one of the countries that has supplied Ukraine with weapons to help it defend itself from the Russian invasion that has been going on since late February. Kadyrov’s statement highlights concerns expressed by some Polish leaders that Russia may launch an attack on Poland in the future.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski said during an interview with Al Jazeera I reported in late March that it was “absolutely certain” that Putin would like to attack Poland.

“At the same time, we’re absolutely sure of it [Putin] He won’t do it now because he’s too preoccupied with what’s happening in Ukraine.”

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Poland “better get your weapons back.” Above, Kadyrov attends a reception marking National Unity Day on November 4, 2018, in Moscow.
Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

video Chechen leaderwhich has garnered nearly 25,000 views as of Wednesday evening, also showed Kadyrov directing Poland to “seek formal forgiveness for what it did to our ambassador.”

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Kadyrov was apparently referring to an incident earlier this month when Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, was hit with red paint At the D-Day event in Poland. The move came in protest of the Russian war in Ukraine. Andreev and his entourage were forced to leave the area after the accident.

“We will not just ignore it,” Kadyrov said in the video. “Keep that in mind.”

It was not immediately clear when or where the video was filmed.

Kadyrov is not the only Putin ally who has escalated Speech against Poland In recent weeks.

Oleg MorozovA member of Russia’s parliament and a prominent member of Putin’s political party, United Russia, suggested earlier this month that Poland should be “first in the queue for skepticism after Ukraine,” according to an English translation of Telegram. mail.

Morozov did not specify why he believed Poland needed “de-Nazification”.

NEWSWEEK I contacted the Russian and Polish Ministries of Foreign Affairs for comment.

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