Bengals bratt regrets insulting teammate over Mahomes’ playoff penalty Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jermaine Pratt regrets criticizing teammate Joseph Osai afterward Losing the AFC title match to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night.

Absolutely nothing to complain about this play. Chasing and/or minimal contact with the player out of bounds would have been warranted but Ossai’s arms outstretched made it visually worse. Mahomes is smart enough to take the plunge. clean penalty kick.

– JT Thomas 🦬 (@JTT81) January 30, 2023

Osai was called out for unnecessary roughness after being pushed Patrick Mahomes As the quarterback ran out in the final seconds of the game. The penalty meant that Harrison Butker’s kick attempt was from 45 yards instead of 60. Butker duly converted the kick, giving the Chiefs a 23-20 victory and a spot in the Super Bowl.

Pratt was later caught on video in the Bengals locker room yelling, “Why are you touching the fucking quarterback?” The clip has been viewed millions of times on Twitter. In the video, Pratt, who is a free agent this offseason, can also be heard saying that this is “silly last year.”

On Monday, Pratt seemed more remorseful. “It’s a reaction that anyone has a competitor,” Pratt said. “You know what was at stake in that moment. I love this game, there’s no doubt about that.

“They talk about my character as a teammate. Some people have never played this game. They don’t know how much effort the guys put into the game.”

Pratt was asked if he had spoken to Osai since Sunday and he replied that he “walks around and talks to everyone.”

Ossai was playing his first full season at NFL After missing his rookie year due to injury. He cut a miserable figure in the Bengals locker room after the game and his teammates and coaches gave him their support.

Bengals coach Zack Taylor refused to dismiss Usai after the game.

“There’s definitely at least one thing every coach and every player wishes we could have done differently in that game,” Taylor said. “And so it was great to see these guys support each other in a really tough moment.”

Pratt said Monday that he wants to stay with the Bengals.

“The sisterhood we’ve built here is unparalleled,” Pratt said. “It’s unstoppable. No one can break us no matter how many people try to throw dirt on your name in the media, no one can stop that. I want to come back here.”

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