Bebe Rexha calls G-Eazy ‘ungrateful’ after ‘Me and Me’ trends

Bebe Rexha opened up about her experience with G-Eazy following their joint release “Me, Me and Me” in a new post Thursday, calling the rapper an “ungrateful loser.”

The pop star took to Instagram to share a screen grab from her team’s group chat where she was asked if she wanted to film content with G-Eazy, whose 2015 radio hit went viral online in the past few weeks. In her Instagram story, Reksha slammed Freak show The rapper turned down the offer, accusing her of mistreating him.

“You have my number. Ask yourself why you don’t text me, you ungrateful loser,” she wrote in the now-deleted post. “You’re lucky people like you back because I can see all the bad things you’ve done and how you treat me after giving you your only real success.

After deleting the Instagram Story, Rexha doubled down on her statement, writing that she initially believed the post was “very negative and toxic.”

“Sometimes trauma can lead us to act that way, and that period of my life was traumatic,” she wrote. “I’m writing this because I regret deleting it and I want to say that I still stand by what I said.”

“Myself, Myself and Me,” the song was written by Reksha and featured G-Eazy When it’s dark, unexpectedly went viral on TikTok and has been increasing in streams over the past few weeks. It also stands as G-Eazy’s most streamed song on Spotify with over 1.2 billion streams. His only other song to come close to that number is “Him & Me” with ex-girlfriend Halsey, which is just shy of 1 billion listens.

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Referring to the streaming data, Rexha retweeted a fan account’s post that read, “Bebe Rexha and Halsey talk about how G-Eazy’s life has been taken.” Photo of two women They talk to each other during an award show.

Reps for Rexha and G-Eazy did not immediately respond Rolling StoneRequests for comment.

In 2018, Rexha Andy joined Cohen See what’s happening live And G-Eazy shared that he was “a little shocked” when he invited Britney Spears to perform his chorus during an awards show.

“I thought he was going to tell me, so I was upset, but I got to meet Britney and take a photo with her, so that made everything better, and I loved it,” he said at the time. “She’s my idol, you know what I mean?”

“I showed up at the awards and imagined you were part of a song, and then I was there and in the audience, and they didn’t let me know, so all I heard was, ‘Ugh, it’s me. ‘And it’s on stage and I wish I knew out of respect from G, ” he added.

In a video several weeks ago, Reksha shared how she originally wrote the song as a clubber track titled “I Don’t Need Nothing” about her love for music.

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“I played it for someone in the music industry because I wanted it to be my single. They said, ‘No.’ At the time, I was listening to this guy called G-Eazy, so I tried to get with him as much as I could,” Rexha said, explaining how the two connected through a manager and friend. “That’s how ‘Me, Myself and I’ came to life.”

The singer explained how “it’s funny” hearing the song years after dropping it with the rapper. He performs a solo version of the song – and a dancer, rapless version – during live performances.


Just days before G-Eazy drops his upcoming album comes new comments from Rexha Freak show. Earlier this year he led the LP with the singles “Anxiety” and “Femme Fatale” with Koi Lere and Kalii. Meanwhile, Rexha released the single “Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)” last month.

This story was updated at 7:45 PM ET to include Reksha’s new post on X, after Reksha’s Instagram story was deleted.

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