Bayonetta Voice Actress Says She Demanded ‘Fair Pay’

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Helena Taylor, original voice actor for PlatinumGames Bayonetta and one of the parties At the center of a long-running and messy popular dispute over casting and wagesTonight, she issued a new statement addressing the allegations that have been made against her over the past week.

The epic experienced Allegations of low payment, abuse of voice actors and the temporary disappearance of a prominent developer from TwitterIt started when Taylor made a series of recent videos in which she accused PlatinumGames of making an humiliatingly low pay offer for her to reprise her role as Bayonetta For the next third match.

The role was later given to Jennifer Hill –who issued their own statements– while a Bloomberg Report He said PlatinumGames originally offered to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 per four-hour session for at least five recording sessions, totaling at least $15,000. Then it was said that when Taylor instead requested a “six-figure sum” to voice the character, negotiations broke down.

Tonight, Taylor He wrote a series of tweets contradicting some of the numbers in these reportssaying:

It came to my knowledge that some people call me a liar and a gold digger. I feel the need to defend myself and my reputation in the industry.

I also posted on the third part of my video series. I explained that their first offer was too low. This bid totaled $10,000. Remember, this is a $450 million franchise, (not counting the merchandise). Then I wrote in Japanese to Hideki Kamiya, asking for what I deserved. I thought that as a creator, he would understand. He replied saying how much he appreciates my contribution to the game and how much fans want to express the game. Then I was offered an extra 5,000! [Note: it appears this is a typo, and that Taylor means 5,000]

Therefore, she refused to express the game. Then I heard nothing from them for 11 months. Then they offered me a flat fee for expressing a few lines for $4,000. Any other lies, such as 4000 lies for 5 sessions, are total fabrications.

There were no “extensive negotiations”. I’ve also been informed of silly ideas, like I’m asking for $250,000. I am a team player. I was only asking for a fair and living wage in line with the value I give to this game.

I paid an astonishingly low total of £3,000 for the first game. A little more for a second. I wanted to express it. It has piqued my interest in this game since I started on Twitter in 2011.

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