‘Avatar’ star Kate Winslet thought she ‘died’ breaking Tom Cruise’s record

during filming “Avatar: Water RoadKate Winslet did the unthinkable.

Not only did she deprive herself of air for more than seven minutes, she broke the record she previously held Tom Cruise.

“I immediately wanted to know my time,” Winslet told Total Film Magazine.

Winslet held her breath in order Seven minutes and 15 seconds. Cruise’s track record for “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” was six minutes.

Kate Winslet recently broke Tom Cruise’s record for the amount of time spent without air.
(Dave J. Hogan / The Chosunilbo JNS)

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“I have a video of me saying, ‘Am I dead, am I dead?'” Then he goes, “What was it [my time]? ‘”I participated.

“I didn’t believe it.

Meet Kate Winslet "Titanic" Director James Cameron "Avatar: Water Road."

Kate Winslet reunited with “Titanic” director James Cameron to make “Avatar: The Way of Water.”
(Tristan Viewings)

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“The next thing I say is, ‘We need a radio.’ I wanted Jim [James Cameron] To know right away.”

She added that she didn’t have to hold her breath for long, but “I wanted to break my own record, which was already six minutes and 14 seconds. And I was like, ‘Come on!'” So I broke my own record by a minute.

“It’s not competitive at all,” manager James Cameron joked.

James Cameron joked that Kate Winslet is not competitive.

James Cameron joked that Kate Winslet is not competitive.
(Dave J Hogan)

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Winslet met her ‘Titanic’ director for the latest sequel to “Avatar,” and I was thrilled to be working alongside the famous director again.

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“It was a lot of fun that Jim asked me because Jim doesn’t suffer from jerks,” Winlest said.

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