Aston Martin unveils major Formula 1 upgrades for the Canadian Grand Prix

The scale of Aston Martin’s upgrades has been revealed for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, with a major overhaul of the side skirts and floor.

The team has so far been quite conservative with its AMR23 developments, with several of its main competitors releasing big changes to their competition in 2023.

But just two weeks after Fernando Alonso urged the team to ramp up its lead in a bid not to lose ground in the battle to be Red Bull’s main challenger, Aston Martin has made some sweeping changes to its car.

The revisions include more aggressive sidewalls, with a deeper and wider channel along the top that marks a significant step change in the concept I’ve used since the start of the season.

Aston Martin has followed in Alpine’s footsteps in running what’s known as a ‘waterslide’ duct along the top of its sidewalls to help direct air over the top of the bodywork and into the car’s floor area.

The team also has a revised ground, which will complement changes to the sidepods in an effort to drive more performance.

But while the team hopes the changes will provide a move to boost its chances in Montreal, Alonso himself played down the prospect of a weekend that offered him a vastly improved chance of winning.

Aston Martin AMR23 Floor

Photo from: Giorgio Piola

Asked if Canada had given the team its best chance of a win so far this season, as it was so optimistic after the Spanish Grand Prix, Alonso said: “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”

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“I think it was the reaction after Barcelona, ​​knowing that maybe it was a one-time event, that we weren’t able to compete, more so than being in Canada.

“I think we’ll be, I hope, very competitive all year, and maybe Barcelona is just a little bit out of reach. So that’s the hope.

“But I don’t think we’re referring to one weekend, here in Canada or any other country that has the greatest chance of winning.

“Monaco was, frankly, on our calendar probably our best chance and we were really close: only 40 or 50 milliseconds from pole position, and then in the race obviously the chance as the weather is finally getting closer. So let’s see when we have another chance. “.

Aston Martin AMR23 Floor

Photo from: Giorgio Piola

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