Aston Martin builds a sports car commissioned by Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin will build a road-going version of its Valor sports car – the Valiant – which was personally commissioned by Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso.

Aston will produce 38 Valiants, which will be powered by a front-wheel drive and a 745-hp 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12.

The car also features wheel covers inspired by those used on Aston’s “Muncher” car that raced disastrously in the Le Mans 24 Hours event in 1979.

The car is manufactured by Aston’s bespoke ‘Q’ production department which allows potential owners to individually design the appearance of their car.

“Valour was an incredible celebration of Aston Martin’s 110th anniversary and prompted me to create a more extreme race car-inspired version that is track-focused, while also offering exciting driving on the road,” Alonso said in Aston’s official press release.

“Valiant was born from my passion for driving to the extreme and I have enjoyed working closely with the Q by Aston Martin team on both the design and technical specifications and I believe we have created a masterpiece.”

Aston’s press release also said that the Valiant “continues a strong line of Aston Martin cars delivering real driving intensity on road and on track with the ultimate supercar, the Valkyrie, the brand’s most focused sports car, the Vantage and its speedster brother, the Vantage GT3 race car and of course The upcoming mid-engined supercar, Valhalla.

The Valkyrie, co-designed by Adrian Newey and who is now set to unveil his completed RB17 hypercar before he leaves Red Bull, will see Aston competing in the World Endurance Championship from 2025.

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Aston’s decision to produce the Valiant comes on the heels of Alpine building a track-focused version of its Alpine A110 R dubbed the ‘Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso’.

Aston Martin Valiant

Photo by: Aston Martin

In October 2022, Alpine revealed it was going ahead with building 32 versions of the car – a number chosen to reflect Alonso’s total grand prix wins to that point – after the two-time Formula 1 world champion had already decided to leave the Renault-owned car. The manufacturer will join Aston for 2023.

He recently signed a new Formula 1 contract with the green team beyond 2025 which includes a yet-to-be-defined off-track role that Alonso has described as a “lifetime project” at the manufacturer.

“The Valiant is a modern masterpiece,” said Marco Mattiacci, who briefly served as Alonso’s boss at Ferrari’s Formula 1 team in 2014 and is now Aston Martin Lagonda’s global head of brand and commercial officer.

“A Q by Aston Martin creation, inspired by the racing legend and designed using the latest Formula 1-inspired technology, exotic materials and obsessive weight reduction.

“It focuses on putting the driver in a truly unique, intense and emotional driving experience.

“The ultimate combination of performance, track-focused dynamics and supercar intensity, the Valiant embodies Aston Martin’s unwavering commitment to building rare and extraordinary cars for real drivers.”

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