Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie, reads Ye as he spreads a rumor about her and Mac Miller amid a feud between Pete Davidson

Kanye West In the past two days, I have shared a series of posts calling out Pete Davidson Instagram and among them, it also happened to be linked to an old rumor about former comedian Ariana Grande. Yi’s post with the caption “No Comment” claimed why Ariana broke up with Pete, and now singer Frankie Grande’s brother is reacting to the same.

Kanye’s post belonged to another account that claimed Pete sent his intimate pictures with him Ariana Grande to former Mac Miller in order to prevent them from getting back together. The publication claimed that this was the reason Ariana broke up with Pete.

According to TMZ, Grande’s brother Frankie recently opened up about the same thing and confirmed he had never heard the rumors true and also added, “Kanye likes to stir a bowl so nothing he says surprises me.” Frankie further concluded that he is sending his best to Kanye and his family as well as Pete and everyone else involved in their recent drama.

Amid all this, Pete Davidson has yet to officially address Kanye’s posts attacking him. A leaked message shared by West claiming to be from Davidson which appears to be telling Yi that he will never be between him and his children, and also added that he hopes to one day be able to meet [his kis]. Although there is no confirmation on whether the script is actually from Pete, the SNL star hasn’t made any statements yet.

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