Apple excels at its invite-only program that rewards VIP forum members

Samuel Axon

Made by Apple Community + Program General knowledge this week. Similar to other technology companies such as Dell, HP, and Microsoft, Apple rewards informed volunteers who frequently contribute to its online support community.

It was also spotted via Clear On Wednesday, Apple launched Apple+ Community Program Web page, which details a program that annually invites a small number of forum members to enjoy special rewards. An Apple representative told Ars Technica that although the webpage is new, the software “has been around for a few years.” It’s possible that since only a few people are participating in the program, there wasn’t much chatter about it prior to the page’s launch.

Community+ members receive “special perks, white-glove experiences, and more,” according to the program’s page, but Apple did not specify what that means, and the company declined to provide Ars Technica with more details about the rewards.

Apple has also not checked the boxes you must check to get an invite. However, the Community+ page notes that invitees are “high-level community members” who “engage and are active in the community,” “share high quality content and helpful answers to build their reputation,” and are role models for the community.

Apple’s regular support community already receive points To participate in activities such as asking or answering a question or having one of their answers marked as “helpful” by other community members. Collecting virtual points can lead to virtual rewards, such as the ability to get a custom avatar or access to The Lounge, where you and other high-ranking members can have discussions.

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The Community+ program with perks is even better. Again, we don’t have details, but we can take a look at similar tech MLM programs for ideas.

As noted before the edgemembers of the Microsoft Support Forum have been receiving MVP Awards for over 20 years, with more than 4,000 people reported to have taken the title so far. suits Includes early access to Microsoft products and an invitation to the annual MVP Global Summit at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Del Rewards elite community members with invitations to online and in-person events and the provision of new product testing and in-house resources. while, HP Expert Program Rewards include invitations to virtual and live events and the opportunity to speak with HP employees.

It’s good to hear that Apple also rewards the most helpful community members, who can free up hours of time for Apple customers and employees. Without a detailed look at these perks, though, it’s unclear how much Apple values ​​it.

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