Android users, delete 92 malware infected apps now

Android users, check out your collection of apps. Some of them may contain malware. A recent report shows that 92 Android apps with over 30 million downloads host a dangerous malware and spyware component of SpinOk.

Leveraging our mobile app chain security tools, we began examining the situation and were alarmed to discover that this malicious spyware, masquerading as an advertisement for the SDK, had infiltrated several apps in the Google Play Store.

This is in addition to the more than 193 Android apps the SpinOk malware was already found to have as part of the SDK for advertisers originally. is found by Dr. Web. CloudSEK SVigil Reports indicate that 43 of these apps are still available in the Google Play Store, reaching over 5 million downloads.

“This points to a broader compromise within the Play Store ecosystem, leaving a larger user base vulnerable to potential privacy branches and data mining operations. The magnitude of the situation becomes clear when we consider the collective user base of around 30 million individuals affected by these hacked apps.”

SpinOk can run in the background without the device users knowing. It has the ability to download files from an infected smartphone, copy or replace content from the clipboard, search users’ files and directories, and other dangerous activities.

Essentially, SpinOk can use a “file extraction function” to access and share users’ private information with third parties, along with videos, photos, and any documents stored on the device. This malware can be used to help hackers steal credit card information and shred your passwords.

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The top apps that CloudSEK recommends to delete are:

  • HexaPop link
  • Macron Match
  • Macron Boom
  • Jelly Connect
  • MA Teller
  • Crazy magic ball
  • Bitcoin Master
  • happy
  • Big win slots

The full list of applications infected with malware can be found here here. This list will be updated as security measures are put in place for some of the apps, making them safe to use again. There may be additional apps identified as having SpinOK malware hidden within them.

This does not mean that the apps intentionally included spyware, just that they are best avoided for now. When downloading a new app, be sure to check it out first. Look at user ratings and their overall ranking, which can indicate the presence of malware.

In addition to removing infected apps in the above list, delete any apps you no longer use. They only take up space and are likely to pass your data on even though they are given away.

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