Amazon customer angry after being warned about 'new policy'

Last month, Amazon shoppers expressed concerns about a new returns policy that the company recently rolled out. according to FinanceBuzzThis return policy includes changes such as limiting the return period to only 30 days for most items.

However, one part of the updated policy has shoppers concerned. according to FinanceBuzzAmazon could identify someone who is abusing its return policy. If someone is flagged as a policy abuser, “you may be charged a restocking fee when you make or are unable to make returns in the future.”

This policy change allegedly resulted in some shoppers' returns not being processed, or withholding refunds while the returns were “investigated.”

Now, another TikTok user has issued a warning to people shopping on Amazon. According to TikTok user Shantell (@shantellg2012), she placed an order for over $300 about a month ago. The money was removed from her account a few days later.

“Tell me why I woke up yesterday to another $300 charge,” she says in her video, which currently has more than 958,000 views as of Sunday. She says the total amount was less than what she requested. “So I'm like, what is this?”

Chantelle was surprised and looked at her card statement, only to discover that the original charge had been removed. Calling Amazon for answers didn't help either, as she claims she was simply told these late fees were the “new policy.”

“She couldn't give me an explanation. She couldn't tell me why or why not tell me any of this,” says Chantelle. “She just said this is our new policy, and that was that.”

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She says this, along with other issues, made Chantelle reconsider her relationship with Amazon.

“I'm almost done shopping with Amazon,” Chantelle says. “For example, I love the convenience of these services, but it's not worth it — because you're not going to come back and charge me a month or two later when I don't have that kind of money in my account versus you just have to take it back.

@shantellg2012 🚩 🚩Start washing your banking data! He also ignored my illness.#fyp ♬ original sound – Chantelle🌻

As some commentators have noted, it is possible that the original charge was merely a “delegation hold.”

“They're putting a license suspension on,” one user said. “Your bank will drop the hold if the merchant doesn't clear the order within several days. This happened all the time with Walmart.

“That's not two counts,” echoed another. “The first charge is prior authorization. When they charge, they actually charge your card.

Others simply shared their complaints with Amazon and how they resolved similar issues.

“I use Amazon gift cards now. Or Afterpay,” offered one commenter. “They can't double the cost of something that doesn't exist.”

Another added: “I always delete payment information after checking out for all online orders from anywhere.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Amazon via email and Shantell via TikTok direct message.

*First published: December 24, 2023, 9:00 a.m. CST

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