AEW Forbidden Door Results: Swerve retains the title after a fight with Ospreay

Will Osprey dedicated his message Forbidden door match against AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland for his grandmother, who passed away last week. He was wearing gear in honor of the late Japanese wrestler Hayabusa.

Strickland’s entrance was a celebration, as New York hip-hop legend Jim Jones brought out the hero. That made the crowd at UBS Arena on Long Island even more excited for the main event on June 30 – despite the fact that they had watched 14 matches over the previous five hours.

The opening brought more cheers as the announce team reminded us that Ospreay was undefeated as a singles wrestler in AEW, and that Swerve questioned the competitor’s killer instinct while making their fight personal.

You wouldn’t know the two men were friends from the way Ospreay performed high-impact moves…

…while Strickland held on to his offerings for as long as legally possible.

In another fast-paced sequence, Braff was able to secure a near-certain win after a Styles Clash, but then Swerve countered with an Oscutter. The champion won a battle on the ropes to earn a two-count with an Avalanche Angle Slam. But that was nothing compared to the Swerve Stomp that came moments after she was launched off the top ropes and into the announce table.

The Brit somehow came back from that to hit several Oscutters, and when those didn’t put Swerve away, he seemed to consider breaking his vow to never use Tiger Driver ’91 again before hitting Storm Breaker instead.

But he couldn’t get three hits either, so he announced his intention to break his reign. But before he could use the Tiger Driver strike, Strickland hit Osprey with his hidden blade. Will responded with one of his own blades – but hit referee Paul Turner instead.

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In the aftermath, Ospreay managed to drop the champion for three, but there was no referee. Don Callis got involved, encouraging his man to use the screwdriver to win. Prince Nana stepped in and nearly stabbed him before making a better decision. A new official ran in to count a few close calls for Strickland from Swerve Stomp and House Call!

It finally took another House Call and Big Pressure, but Ospreay suffered his first loss in AEW in singles and Strickland remained champion.

The victor can be seen telling his defeated opponent that it is not personal, but just business. His friend Kyle Fletcher comforted Ospreay, and a rematch is on the horizon… though we were reminded during this match that Daniel Garcia has his sights set on winning Ospreay’s international title, and that MJF wants to become world champion again.

Great main event tonight, with the potential for more to come.

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