Actor Mike Heslin dies at 30 with ‘no explanation’

Mike Heslina young actor who has played roles in television series. lioness Lifetime Christmas Movie vacation proposal planHeslin died last week after an unexplained illness. Her husband of 30 years, artist Scotty Dynamo, mourned her. InstagramDynamo said that a week after he was hospitalized, Heslin died on July 2 of an “unexpected cardiac event.” The couple had died earlier this month. I just got married In November, Dynamo said they were “in the early stages of starting a family” when Heslin died. “Michael was a young, healthy man, and doctors had no explanation for what had happened,” he wrote. Heslin, an organ donor, had given “the gift of life to four different families,” he said.

“Michael was brilliant, selfless, talented, and a real-life guardian angel,” Dynamo wrote. “He single-handedly carried me through multiple rounds of cancer. He was the first person everyone called to share good news, and the perfect person to call if they needed a shoulder to lean on or the best advice.” (As with today (Dynamo was reportedly diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2020.) Page Six Reports indicate that Heslin appeared to be in good health in his last appearance. Posted on social mediadated June 19, in which he and Dynamo appear together. (More obituary stories.)

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