A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant loses his flight to Hawaii due to a fatal error


May 5, 2023 | 2:20 a.m

“U” will not be in heaven.

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant lost a trip to Hawaii after failing to solve a seemingly simple puzzle on Thursday’s episode of the popular game show.

Contestant Antoinette Myers The episode’s “Prize Puzzle” series began with a solid guess of four “T’s” for $600 each in the “Song Title” category before moving on to a hot streak and guessing nine correct letters that involved buying three vowels.

During the series, Myers also collected three big jackpot wedges worth $3,500, a million dollars and an XL wedge which was a big jackpot wedge number of $3,500 and brought her total win total to $13,600.

Myers managed to get the first three words and part of the last word to display the painting “Two Tickets to _R_ _ISE”, before the Englewood native made the fatal mistake of guessing the wrong vowel.

“I’d like to buy a vowel, ‘U’,” Myers asks, as Vanna White reacts to a cracking failure as the gong sounds.

Myers reacted with a hilarious but disappointing “Ah” while her fellow contestants tried to laugh at her misfortune.

Myers manages to get the first three words and part of the last word to display the painting “Two Tickets to _ _ R_ _ ISE”.
Myers’ guess of the “U” leads her to lose the puzzle and lose her on a trip to heaven.

Contestant Erica Johnson followed Myers and easily guessed the correct phrase, “two tickets to heaven.”

As Johnson claimed victory in the puzzle, she was awarded two tickets of her own to Paradise, or in this case Maui, winning a trip to the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa plus $5,000 cash, for a total of $13,200.

Myers didn’t keep any of the money she made during her hot streak, nor did she get the millionth wedge for her failure.

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Myers’ fellow contestants couldn’t contain their laughter after her apparent failure.
The correct answer was “Two Tickets to Heaven” and Erica Johnson won a trip to Maui for guessing correctly.

“You don’t control that million dollar Antoinette because you didn’t solve the mystery,” host Pat Sajak told Myers, “but the good news is you have an XL, if you can get to the bonus round, that’s an extra 40k for you and maybe 40k for someone in the house. I always do.” Looking for good news, there is always a pony out there somewhere.”

To make matters worse, she lost to Johnson by only $4,000, missing out on the chance to play in a $100,000 bonus round where she played Johnson, guessed the correct phrase “mystery question” and won herself a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

“These WheelofFortune contestants can’t be real,” said a Twitter viewer.

“a”? A freaking “U”? another added.

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