A plane carrying Canadian paratroopers crash-landed in Mexico, killing a man and his wife on the beach

A plane carrying four Canadian paratroopers crashed on a beach Sunday in southern Mexico, killing a man who was on the beach with his wife, authorities said. Officials said there was no immediate information about the cause of the plane crash, but it appeared to have made an emergency landing and was largely intact.

However, it fell on a relatively populated part of the beach in the Pacific coast town of Puerto Escondido, landing almost on top of the victim, whose nationality has not been revealed.

The four Canadians and a Mexican man on board the small plane were removed from the plane and taken for treatment. the The Oaxaca State Civil Defense Office said The infected people – aged between 60 and 59 and 41 and 35 years – were in “stable” condition.

There was no immediate information available about the names of the Canadians or their hometowns.

The office said that the dead man's wife was nearby but was not injured.

Puerto Global, which Post the video Following the accident, it was reported that the victim was taking pictures with his wife when the plane fell.

A video posted by Puerto Global shows the side of the plane marked “Skydive Puerto Escondido.” the website Skydive Puerto Escondido advertises jumps from 13,000 feet above sea level.

The accident occurred just yards from the water and closer to a wooden beach structure of the type frequently used in Puerto Escondido for restaurants.

A video posted on social media of the aftermath of the accident showed beachgoers carrying at least one person from the plane over the sand.

State Governor Salomon Jara he said on social media Resources were then mobilized to help the injured plane passengers.

He added: “To the family of the deceased person, we will provide all necessary support and accompany them in facing their irreparable loss.”

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