A live summary of the preliminary performances of the fifth day

2024 US Olympic Trials

It’s a light pre-session this morning, with only three events on the agenda. We will see 200 non-free threes in reverse IM order.

First up is the women’s 200 breaststroke, the highlight Lily King And Kate Douglas. King has already booked her ticket to Paris in the 100m breaststroke, while we haven’t seen much of Douglas in this meet. The American record holder should safely advance to the semi-finals and will need to win a double tonight in the 100m freestyle final. The third seed Lydia Jacoby She announced via Instagram that she would be competing in the event after missing the team in the 100 breaststroke, but still appeared on the qualifying list.

The morning’s only men’s event, the 200m backstroke, has a lot of close story lines. Ryan Murphy He is the favourite, but second place is up for grabs. Destin Lasko And Keaton Jones We’ll look to make it 1-2 for the Cal Bears again, while Jack Aikins He’s looking for redemption two years after finishing third at the selection meets.

The session concludes with the women’s 200 butterfly race. After becoming the No. 5 athlete in history in the 100 fly and reclaiming the 100 fly world record, Regan Smith He is the favorite to claim his second Olympic appearance in the event. She leads a herd of Longhorn women looking to stake their claim, including… Dakota Luther, Emma SticklinAnd Kelly bash.

Women’s 200 breaststroke – preliminary heats

  • World record: 2:17.55 – Evgeniya Chikunova (Russia), 2023
  • American record: 2:19.30 — Kate Douglas2024
  • US Open record: 2:19.30 — Kate Douglas (USA), 2024
  • Junior world record: 2:19.64 – Victoria Zeynep Gunes (Türkiye), 2015
  • 2021 US Olympic Trials Champion: 2:21.07 – Annie Lazor
  • 2024 Olympic qualifying time: 2:23.91

Semi-final qualifiers:

  1. Kate Douglas (New York) – 2:19.66 Encounter record
  2. Lily King (ISC) – 2:25.61
  3. Ella Nelson (NAC) – 2:25.86
  4. Alex Walsh (NAC) – 2:26.96
  5. Kaylin Gridley (Duke) – 2:27.14
  6. Emma Weber (CA) – 2:28.82
  7. Alexis Yaeger (TNAC) – 2:29.04
  8. Raya Mellot (Crewe) – 2:29.11
  9. Maddie Huggins (CS) – 2:29.17
  10. Addie Robillard (Rays) – 2:29.21
  11. Caitlin Dobler (TDPS) – 2:29.34
  12. Zoe Hartman (ABSC) – 2:29.73
  13. Anna Keating (CA) – 2:29.79
  14. Gabrielle Rose (ALPH) – 2:30.13
  15. Isabel Odgers (TROJ) – 2:30.44
  16. Abigail Hersco (Cal) – 2:30.52

Gabrielle Rose, the biggest competitor at these trials, returned to competition in the first round of the women’s 200 breaststroke event. She showed impressive closing speed in the final 50, burning her entry time by more than 1.5 seconds (2:30.13) and winning her heat.

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Maddie Huggins The Seminoles were dominant in the second round, clocking 2:29.17, a new personal best. It was her first swim under 2:30.

To end early temperatures, stick to UVA rays Katie Christopherson He jumped to an early lead. Despite this, the field caught up with her, such as Abigail Hersco (2:30.52) and Brian Curtis (2:31.68) managed to pass Kristofferson (2:31.96) by touch.

SwimSwam has been reported previously Lydia Jacoby‘s zero in on the event, but they haven’t made it official. Track 4 was a no-show in the first circuit-classified heat. In her absence, the win went to Duke Athletic Cailin Gridley She looks set to make another run in the championship final as she captured the morning’s best time (2:27.14).

The penultimate heat got a response from the crowd Lily King I walked up to the blocks. She opened in 1:09.84 with Virginia Alex Walsh I tried to hang close. It looked as if Walsh might find a second wind after narrowly edging King in the second fifty, but it was all King came home with a 2:25.61 to top the times so far. Walsh’s 2:26.96 is second with one heat left to swim.

American record holder Kate Douglas She already had a half-body-length lead at the 25-meter mark, and just held on to serve. She was just four hundredths over the world record in the 100. Douglas absolutely destroyed her heat, setting a new championship record in the process and easily beating King in the top time of the morning (2:19.66).

Behind her, a pair of Cavaliers touched down for second place (Ella Nelson2:25.86) and third (Emma Weber, 2:28.82).

Men’s 200 backstroke – preliminary heats

  • World record: 1:51.92 – Aaron Peirsol (USA), 2009
  • American record: 1:51.92 – Aaron Peirsol (USA), 2009
  • US Open record: 1:53.08 – Aaron Peirsol (USA), 2009
  • Junior world record: 1:55.14 – Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia), 2017
  • 2021 US Olympic Trials champion: 1:54.20 — Ryan Murphy
  • 2024 Olympic qualifying time: 1:57.50

Semi-final qualifiers:

  1. Jack Aikins (AM) – 1:56.24
  2. Keaton Jones (Cal) – 1:57.52
  3. Ryan Murphy (Cal) – 1:57.78
  4. Tommy Hager (Bama) – 1:57.80
  5. David King (California)/Daniel Diehl (Wolf) – 1:57.90
  6. Hunter Tabb (Wolf) – 1:57.93
  7. Caleb Maldary (Flor) – 1:58.16
  8. Martin Bersinski (LIAC) – 1:58.24
  9. Ian Groom (Dyna) – 1:58.47
  10. Tommy Gunton (ND) – 1:58.52
  11. Ben Irwin (Navy) – 1:58.96
  12. Jay Litherland (Texas) – 1:58.98
  13. Josh Zuchowski (fast) – 1:59.31
  14. Hunter Gobineau (CAC) – 1:59.34
  15. Chris Timms (MAAC) – 1:59.46
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Heat 1 went to Navy Ben IrwinWho swam under 2:00 for the first time in his career (1:58.96). That’s down about three seconds from when he entered. He won the next heat Gaby Machado (2:00.10), which was also down more than a second from entry.

The bar was immediately raised in Heat 3, as Tommy Hager He lowered the top time of the morning by more than a second from line 8 (1:57.80). David King He also joined in under 1:58, exactly one-tenth of the back (1:57.90). The fourth and fifth qualifiers eased up a bit, which they won Martin Bersinski (1:58.24) and Hunter Gobineau (1:59.34).

Colby Mefford The no-show in lane 1 was from the last non-circuit classified heat. Rex Maurer He won his heat with a time of 1:59.77, touching only three hundred during his entry time.

Going into the ring classification qualifiers, seven men had already reached under 2:00.

The seeded heat in the first circuit went to Jack Aikinswhich touched his season best (1:56.24). Hunter Tap (1:57.93) and Jay Litherland (1:58.98) rounded out the top three. Kieran Smith It was a no-show.

#2 Seeds Destin Lasko He was a no-show in the penultimate heat. Notre Dame Tommy Gunton He took advantage, jumping out to an early lead at point 100. Caleb Maldary And Ian Groom He started to get closer, eventually finishing first (1:58.16) and second (1:58.47) ahead of Ganton (1:58.52).

The final heat went to the Golden Bear, but it was not to be Ryan Murphy. Keaton Jones, who just finished his first year at Cal, took the win over the veteran with a very long finish (1:57.52). Murphy was just behind (1:57.78), following him Daniel Diehl (1:57.90).

Women’s 200 Butterfly – Prelims

  • World record: 2:01.81 – Liu Zhijie (China), 2009
  • American record: 2:03.87 — Regan Smith2023
  • US Open record: 2:03.87 — Regan Smith (USA), 2023
  • Junior world record: 2:04.06 – Summer McIntosh (Canada), 2023
  • 2021 US Olympic Trials Champion: 2:05.85 – Haley Flickinger
  • 2024 Olympic qualifying time: 2:08.43

Semi-final qualifiers:

  1. Alex Shackle (CSC) – 2:06.71
  2. Regan Smith (Texas) – 2:07.24
  3. Lindsay Looney (Teklassa) – 2:08.24
  4. Emma Sticklin (Texas) – 2:08.55
  5. Dakota Luther (Texas) – 2:08.69
  6. Lucy Bell (alto) – 2:09.07
  7. Tess Hawley (LIAC) – 2:09.10
  8. Carolyn Bricker (alto) – 2:09.12
  9. Kelly bash (Texas) – 2:09.43
  10. Charlotte Hook (alto) – 2:09.80
  11. Rachel Klinker (Cal) – 2:10.16
  12. Megan Van Berkum (UOFM) – 2:10.25
  13. Audrey Derivaux (GW) – 2:10.77
  14. Katie Crum (MI) – 2:11.69
  15. Sarah Stotler (Tenn.) – 2:11.63
  16. Greta Belzek (game) – 2:11.70
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We are already at the last event of the morning. The first heat went to Campbell Stoll (2:13.23), the first of many longhorns we will see at these temperatures. Stoll shaved off exactly four-tenths at the time of her entry.

Two more points came out 2:13 points into Heat 2 led by Alice Lyman (2:13.26). Mackenzie McConaga He follows behind him (2:13.32). Claire Weinstein did not attend.

Kelsey Chang She lowered her entry time and top time of the morning in Heat 3, clocking 2:11.95 to win. Olivia Thiel He swam the second fastest time of the morning so far (2:12.54).

Final heat sealing of non-round seeds, Katie Crum She smoked the outside of the field, cutting about half a second off her entry time and setting a new top time (2:11.69).

Tess Hawley The first heat rated circuit led at 100 with Rachel Klinker Hot on her heels. Bricker began to close in on the duo in the final 50, but Hawley still got her hand on the wall first (2:09.10), leading a charge under 2:10 ahead of Stanford teammates Bricker (2:09.12) and Charlotte Hook (2:09.80). Klinker settled for fourth place in the heat (2:10.16).

It was a parade of centuries in the penultimate heat Emma Sticklin, Dakota LutherAnd Lindsay Looney Dove side by side in the middle of the pool. The trio easily scored top three times in the morning. Looney finished first (2:08.24), followed by Sticklin (2:08.55) and Luther (2:08.69). Age phenomenon Audrey Derivaux He finished fourth in that heat (2:10.77) behind Megan Van Berkum (2:10.25).

In the final heat, Alex Shackle to push Regan Smith In the first 100 meters, eventually passing the American record holder in the 150. The Carmel swimmer didn’t look back, surging forward to lower her best time to 2:06.71. At the time, it tied Shackle for ninth-fastest swimmers in American history, and made her the second-fastest American junior swimmer after Smith.

Smith clocked 2:07.24 and looked more relaxed than Shaquille, who had a significantly higher turnover rate. We know Smith is in excellent form from her performance earlier in this meet, so it will be interesting to compare how she and Shaquille manage the rounds.

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