A dinosaur embryo has been found inside a fossil egg. This means here.

A well-preserved dinosaur embryo has been found inside a fossil egg. The fossil dinosaur embryo came from Kanzhou, Jiangxi Province in southern China and was discovered by researchers in 2000.

Researchers at the Yingliang Group, a quarrying company, suspected that the egg contained fossils but had stored it for 10 years, according to a news release. When construction began at the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum, boxes of fossils were sorted.

“Museum staff identified them as dinosaur eggs and found some bones in the broken cross section of one of the eggs,” Lita Jing of the University of Earth Sciences in Beijing said in a news release. A fetus was found hidden inside, which they named “Baby Yingliang”.

The embryo is part of a bird-like oviproperosaurus Theropath Team. Theropod means “animal foot”, but the Theropod’s feet generally resemble the feet of birds. Birds are descended from a lineage of small theropods.

New Model-Baby-Yingliang-Credit-Lida-Xing-based-on-a-close-to-a-close-to-chick-hatching-overexposure-dinosaur-embryo-life-reconstruction.
Reconstruction of the hatching oviprodorosa egg.

Lita Jing / iScience

In examining the embryo, the researchers found that the dinosaur took on a unique ducking pose before hatching, which is thought to be unique to birds. Published in the study iScience Magazine.

Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. “Most known non-bird dinosaur embryos are incomplete with skeletal decay,” said Waisum Maof of the University of Birmingham in the UK.

The oviporous nucleus named “Baby Yingliang”.

Lita Jing / iScience

Although fossil dinosaur eggs have been found in the last 100 years, it is very rare to find a well-preserved embryo, the researchers said in a statement.

The embryo’s posture has never been seen before on a non – bird dinosaur, which is “particularly significant because it is reminiscent of the late modern bird embryo.”

Researchers will study the rare specimen in more depth. They will try to shape its internal anatomy. Some of its body parts are still covered with rocks. Their findings can also be used in further studies of fossil fuels.

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