A Boeing cockpit seat-switching accident reportedly led to the LATAM flight accident Boeing

Another Boeing aircraft is facing scrutiny after the planemaker asked airlines to inspect the cockpit seats of a 787 Dreamliner after a terrifying crash during a flight from Sydney to Auckland.

Dozens of people aboard LATAM Airlines Flight 800 were said to have been injured this week when the plane fell sharply, throwing passengers around the cabin.

Boeing has recommended that airlines inspect cockpit seats on 787 aircraft for loose switch covers. According to to the Wall Street Journal, which reported that unnamed U.S. industry officials said the crash was the result of a mishap: A flight attendant who was serving a meal flipped a switch on the pilot's seat, throwing the pilot into control.

In a memo issued late Thursday and seen by the newspaper, Boeing said closing the spring-loaded seat back switch guard over a loose rocker switch cover could “potentially jam the rocker switch, resulting in unintended seat movement.”

Boeing said: “The investigation into Flight LA800 is ongoing and we refer any potential findings to the investigating authorities.” We have taken the precautionary measure of reminding 787 operators of a 2017 service bulletin that included instructions for inspecting and maintaining the switches on the flight deck seats.

“We recommend operators perform an inspection at the next maintenance opportunity.”

Company It is already grappling with a safety crisis, after a cabin panel exploded during an Alaska Airlines flight of a brand-new 737 MAX 9 in January.

Regulators have grounded 171 Max 9 planes for several weeks, and are still examining the plane manufacturer's production line. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun admitted that the company faces a “serious challenge” to regain the trust of officials and airlines.

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Earlier this week, Boeing said it was “in contact” with LATAM and “stands ready” to support the investigation into what happened.

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A spokesperson for the airline said: “We are thinking of the passengers and crew from LATAM Airlines Flight 800, and we commend everyone involved in the response efforts.”

Brian Gucat, rider, He told CNN That he woke up when the plane “immediately dropped something at 500 feet.” Upon landing, Gokat said the pilot told him that the instruments had “disappeared” and that “in that brief moment he could not control anything,” before the instruments returned and the flight continued as normal.

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